Best Burger Places In Kathmandu And Lalitpur That Are Worth A Shot


    If you are one of those people who would do anything for a burger, then you’ve come to the right place! Most of us love burgers because of how delicious and convenient it is. Busy schedule? Grab a burger! Need to eat while walking? Grab a burger! Need to eat while standing? Grab a burger!

    The versatility of burgers is unmatched. But not every burger is good. As any burger lover would agree with, good burgers are hard to find in the city. It is more than just throwing condiments in a bun and adding some ketchup. Constructing a good, juicy burger takes skill. So, here we’ve compiled a list of the best burger places in Kathmandu and Lalitpur that you should totally give a go!

    Good Burger Places In Lalitpur

    1. Lama Grill Burger

    Lama Grill Burger, a place for the best burgers in Lalitpur

    Do you like cheese? Do you like burgers? Do you like cheesy burgers? Well if you do then you’ll love this place. Lama grill burger has some of the cheesiest burgers you’ve ever seen, and they taste as good as they look too! Biting into a burger and having cheesy goodness explode in your mouth is a feeling like no other. We highly recommend this place! 

    Where | Kupondole 
    Call them | 01-5909030
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/lamagrillburger/

    2. Burger Shack

    Burge shack

    If you’re a burger enthusiast, chances are you already know about this place. Burger Shack has one of the softest and juiciest burgers in town. Their burgers are American styled and use the softest buns. Located at a convenient place for a quick bite in Jawalakhel, Burger Shack offers great tasting burgers at a fairly reasonable price. 

    Where | Jawalakhel
    Call them | 01-4100590
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/burgershacknepal/

    3. Redmud Coffee

    Redmud Coffee for the best burgers in Lalitpur

    Redmud has a wide variety of items in their menu, but their burgers are usually the most raved about. If your workplace is nearby, the atmosphere here is pretty chill and it’s optimal to visit during lunch breaks with your friends. Redmud is a great place to visit, especially if soft and juicy burgers is what you’re craving. 

    Where | Jhamsikhel
    Call them | 01-6201333
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/redmudcoffee/

    4. Burger Bar

    Burger Bar, one of the best burgers in Kathmandu
    credit: nepal.food on Instagram

    Located at Labim Mall in Pulchowk, this is another must try place for burger lovers. Their aesthetically pleasing burgers are soft, juicy and stacked with deliciousness. They offer a wide variety of burgers and we highly recommend their fish burgers. Since it is located inside the mall premises, the ambience is also really nice. You can visit with a group of friends and enjoy the burgers while chatting and people watching. Apart from burgers, they also offer other appetizers that are just as good as their burgers, so make sure to check those out as well. 

    Where | Pulchowk, Patan
    Contact | 01-5525226
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/burgerbar.labim/

    5. Chicken Station

    Chicken Station, serving one of the best burgers in lalitpur
    credit: beplo.eats on Instagram

    Chicken Station is one of the go-to places in Lalitpur for fried chicken, but their burgers are also pretty good! The patty is crispy and fried instead of the usual grilled ones generally available. Their burgers are crunchy and delicious and we highly recommend them! Although as the name suggests, this place only offers chicken burgers.

    Where | Jhamsikhel 
    Call them | 986-9386770
    Instagram | N/A

    6. Café Soma

    visit cafe soma for one of the best burgers in lalitpur

    Café Soma is another popular destination when it comes to the Patan area. This restaurant is located in Jhamsikhel and serves a variety of great dishes for brunch and dinner; including burgers. They serve a variety of burgers but their special Soma Burger is definitely worth a try. Their burgers usually have a distinct, incredible taste and we recommend everyone to give it a shot.   

    Where | Jhamsikhel
    Call them | 01-5528732
    Instagram | N/A

    7. The Workshop Eatery

    the workshop eatery, serving one of the best burgers in lalitpur

    While better known for their delicious doughnuts, The Workshop Eatery also serves some delicious burgers. Their burgers are made only when ordered, so they always remain fresh. Their buff cheese burgers are the most praised item on the menu as it’s juicy, crunchy and delicious; we definitely recommend you to try it!

    Where | Kupondole
    Call them | 986-0431504
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/theworkshopeatery/

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    Good Burger Places In Kathmandu

    1. RD’s Burger

    RD's burger from Kathmandu

    If you’re a Kathmandu native, chances are you’ve heard about this place. RD’s is located in Khichapokhari and fairly easy to spot since there’s always a long line outside. It is one of the oldest burger places in Kathmandu and the quality has remained consistent. This place has one of the most delicious burgers you can find in the city and we highly recommend them. Try their Spicy Burger if you visit!

    Where | Khichapokhari
    Call them | N/A
    Instagram | N/A

    2. KFC

    kfc, one of the best burger places in kathmandu

    This fast-food chain needs no introduction. If you like their crispy fried chicken, then you’ll love their burgers. Instead of a grilled patty like many burger places use, KFC uses its crispy fried chicken which makes the burgers explode in your mouth with juicy goodness. They also have a unique taste which distinguishes their burgers from others. 

    Where | Durbarmarg | Tripureshwor
    Call them | 01-4226287
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/kfcnepal/

    3. Burger Freak

    visit burger freak for one of the best burgers in kathmandu
    credit: foodie.nerdy on Instagram

    Burger freak is another burger place worth visiting in the Basantapur area. If you want to try their burgers, you should come prepared to spare some time here. Their burgers are so good that people need to wait in long lines for their order. Located in a corner in Freak Street, Basantapur, this place serves one of the best burgers in the city. While not very spacious, you shouldn’t be fooled by appearances. They have the reputation for one of the juiciest burgers and we recommend you try them!

    Where | Freak Street, Basantapur
    Call them | 986-6669555
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/burgerfreaknepal/

    4. AT Burger Point

    AT burgers, serving the best burgers in kathmandu
    credit: mydarlingfood on Instagram

    AT Burger is one of Kathmandu’s classic burger places. They’ve been around for a while and serve great burgers and fast food. They have expanded over the years and now have several outlets in the city. Their crispy burgers at a reasonable price are the perfect snack if you’re craving for something flavorful, delicious and affordable.

    Where | Gyaneshwor | Boudha | Dilibazar | Baneshwor
    Call them | 980-1900061
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/atburgerpoint/

    5. Flat Iron Grill

    Flat iron grill, serving the best burgers in kathmandu

    While this place is mainly known for their sandwiches, their burgers are pretty great too. Taking the classic american-style approach, their burgers are thick and filled to the brim with condiments which make them taste absolutely delicious and practically melt in your mouth. Even apart from burgers they have a huge menu, so we recommend you visit them with your friends for a nice lunch trip!

    Where | Hotel Ambassador, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
    Call them | 980-1007676
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/flatirongrill_/

    6. Curilo

    Visit Curilo for the best burgers in kathmandu

    Curilo is another place that doesn’t specialize solely in burgers but has some of the best burgers regardless. Better known for their pizzas and pastas, their burgers are jam packed and huge, and totally worth your money. The place also has a really nice and warm ambience which is great for catching up with friends and family.

    Where | Opposite British Embassy Gate, Kathmandu
    Call them | 01-4005079
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/curiloktm/

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