NX200 enters the Nepali market through Honda.


    Honda, known for having the highest sales in the two-wheeler segment in Nepal, has
    brought its new bike, the NX200, into the Nepali market. The NX200 bike is considered
    suitable for both city riding and long-distance journeys.

    Its ‘upright position’ and ‘toughtread pattern’ on the tires ensure a comfortable journey for both city and long-distance travel. Safety features such as ‘wind visor’ and ‘LED winkers’ with ‘Knuckle Covers’ contribute to enhancing the safety of the bike, making it quite attractive.

    The ‘liquid clear’ digital meter and the provision to lock the tank in place of the rider’s foot peg add to the unique features of the NX200. Noteworthy features of the NX200 include the ‘Front ABS system’ and ‘dual petal disc brakes’ providing the capability to stop your journey at any time, essential for independent and worry-free travel.

    The ‘PGM-FI system’ not only saves fuel but also provides ample power, ensuring that you get the necessary strength to enjoy life to the fullest. The powerful torque capacity of the NX200 allows for easy and enjoyable urban and long after-ride journeys.

    Available in various colors, the starting price for the NX200 is only NPR 4,79,900 in the warranty package for up to 10 years. Company has officially announced its sales from Chaitra 15, 2080. Interested individuals can visit Honda’s official website or their nearest Honda Showroom to book the NX200 and explore more about this exciting new bike.

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    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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