CG Brand launches Interactive Digital Boards (IDB)


    CG Brand is the largest electronics and home appliances brand in Nepal. It has introduced its latest Interactive Digital Boards (IDB) or Smart Boards for education, corporate, office, and hospital use. Interactive Digital Boards, available in large sizes, can be used to display and teach various topics in an interactive manner.

    The field of Interactive Digital Boards is continuously developing. New technologies and innovations are always being introduced. This is an exciting and dynamic field that offers many benefits to various sectors such as education, corporate, office, and hospitals. Interactive Digital Boards can be a useful tool for presenting and collaborating on ideas in a visual and dynamic way. Making Interactive Digital Boards easy to use and accessible to everyone can make them a suitable asset for all sectors.

    CG Digital Interactive board

    Interactive Digital Boards (IDB) are connected to computers and other devices. This allows users to display information and interact with it at the same time. Boards are available in sizes of 65, 75, and 86 inches. Additionally, it has features such as 4K resolution (UHD), wireless screen touch, Android 13 OS, built-in cameras, and microphones.

    This Smart Board is especially useful in classrooms, boardrooms, meeting halls, and homes, where users can discuss and present in a visual and dynamic manner. Moreover with focus on remote learning, the Interactive Digital Board (IDB) can easily connect to technologies like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom.

    CG’s interactive boards can be purchased from all CG Brand’s official outlets in Nepal. Additional details can be obtained from CG Brand’s official website and its own e-commerce platform.

    CG brand

    CG Brand is the number one electronics brand in the country. Through its strong sales network, CG Brand has been providing services and facilities to its consumers, making life easier for the Nepali people for a long time. Currently, CG Brand’s own showrooms are providing excellent products and services throughout Nepal. In addition, even if there are no showrooms nearby, CG Brand’s products and services can be purchased from its own e-commerce platform, which is well-equipped.


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