Kumari Bank completes Global Money Week-24, educating 54,000+ nationwide.


    With the slogan “Protect your Money, secure your future,” Kumari Bank has actively engaged in promoting financial knowledge and enhancing financial behavior through innovative financial management practices, as highlighted in the 12th edition of Global Money Week.

    Kumari Bank's Financial Literacy Program

    In order to address the lack of financial literacy and the potential financial mismanagement in communities, the bank has implemented various activities aimed at promoting financial knowledge and improving financial behavior. Some of the key initiatives undertaken include:

    • Operation of calculators for financial goal setting.
    • Employee commitment programs for financial literacy and behavior enhancement.
    • Training programs for the pillars of financial literacy nationwide.
    • Oath programs for the participation of stakeholders in financial literacy and behavior development.
    • Dissemination of financial literacy-related quiz and awareness materials through the bank’s social network.
    • Public release of a video series and social issue materials showcasing the performances of established artists at the national level for financial literacy development over the years.
    Kumari Bank's Financial Literacy Program

    In its continuous effort to advance modern banking services, Kumari Bank, which has been providing uninterrupted banking services for the past 22 years, currently operates 302 branches, 314 ATMs, 50 extension counters, and 65 branchless banking units nationwide, providing its customer base with modern and effective services.

    The bank remains committed to providing simple, convenient, and excellent services in the days ahead.

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