Siddhartha Bank empowers students with financial education during Global Money Week 2024


    Siddhartha Bank Limited has been conducting various programs since March 18 to March 24 as part of the “Global Money Week 2024,” aimed at providing financial education to students to make them financially aware and empowered.

    This year’s Global Money Week 2024 theme, ‘Protect Your Money, Secure Your Future,’ was the focus of the bank’s efforts, with financial literacy programs targeting students conducted in 34 locations across all seven provinces of the country.

    Siddhartha Bank GMW 2024

    A total of 1,760 students participated in the program, which aimed to raise awareness about financial knowledge, savings, mindset, and behavior improvement among students, besides providing services and cautioning them about digital banking and other related matters.

    Additionally, 324 students were taken on tours to various branches of the bank to provide practical education on basic banking operations and various banking mediums.

    The bank’s objective in conducting these programs was to expand the reach of financial services to all segments of society, raise financial awareness among individuals of all classes and sectors, and empower them financially.

    The bank has received assistance in achieving the objectives of the annual Global Money Week 2024 campaign from the confidence instilled in it.

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