10 Resorts Perfect For A Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party Before Your Big Day


    Bachelor and Bachelorette parties have been traditional in the west and are slowly gaining traction in Nepal as well; and why wouldn’t they? They are a celebration of moving on to the next stage in one’s life and having one memorable night with your friends before starting the next chapter. Celebrating things is always great, especially during a moment of happiness like this. 

    Are you planning for your big day soon? Then we suggest checking out this list of 10 great resorts around Nepal that are great for having a memorable Bachelor or Bachelorette party. 

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    1. Gokarna Forest Resort

    Visit gokarna forest resort for a bachelor party to remember

    Located only about 10 km away from the valley, this is a great place to have a night to remember with your friends, especially if you’re looking for a luxurious experience. The resort is located within the forest region of Gokarna itself, which means the resort area is shrouded with greenery. This place is perfect for both a chill and quiet party, as well as a wild night to remember. They also offer services like golfing and spas if you want to do some activities with your squad. 

    Where | Rajnikunj, Thali, Gokarna
    Call them | +977 1 4451212
    Check out their website | https://gokarna.com/

    2. Jungle Villa Resort

    Jungle villa resort, one of the best bachelor party destinations in nepal

    If you’re planning to take your party animals to the jungle, literally! This might be a great place to look into. Jungle Villa Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the Chitwan National Park area. This is one of those places that are very close to nature, so the incredible flora and fauna make it a great place to have a garden party. The view from the private balconies in every room is also beautiful and the balconies itself are also a great place to hang out with your friends. Their River Suites have direct access to private pools which is perfect for a fun pool party. 

    Where | Bharatpur 22, Patihani, Chitwan
    Call them | +977 56 411011
    Check out their website | https://junglevillaresort.com/

    3. Country Villa Nagarkot

    country villa resort, one of the best bachelorette party destinations in nepal

    Located at the top of Nagarkot hill, this is the place to go if you want to enjoy everything that is good about Nagarkot. The high location makes it feel like you’re floating with the clouds in some faraway land. The view in general from the hilltop is beautiful but the sunrise is exceptional. Thanks to its location, this place is great to detach from the usual city bustle and have a memorable weekend with your friends. 

    Where | Nagarkot (Mandan-Deupur, Kavre), Nepal
    Call them | +977 1 6680127/28
    Check out their website | http://www.hotelcountryvilla.com/

    4. Resu Villa

    visit resu villa resort for a bachelor party to remember

    If you’re looking for somewhere close by then this is the place for you. Located at Raniban, Kathmandu, this place is the optimal destination if you want the benefits of a wild weekend out with your friends without having to go too far. Boasting a small outdoor pool and an outdoor hot spring bath, it spells the recipe for a bachelor/bachelorette party to be remembered. They also offer activities such as Table Tennis, Badminton and Carrom Board in their gym if you need to be refreshed. The place itself is beautifully designed and furnished for a luxurious experience. 

    Where | Radha Krishna Marg, Raniban, Kathmandu
    Call them | +977 9819391579
    Check out their website | http://resuvilla.com/#intro

    5. Chandragiri Hills Resort

    chandragiri hills resort, one of the best places for bachelor parties in nepal

    Chandragiri is the new up and coming go-to destination for a getaway with family and friends, and what better place to have your bachelor/bachelorette party than on top of the hills, on a resort? The location itself is a dead giveaway on the appeal of this place; having to travel by cable car can be a very fun journey. The resort is also great, with an infinity pool and a Jacuzzi that gives you the perfect view of the Himalayan ranges and the Kathmandu valley. The backdrop will make for a great pre-wedding photoshoot with your bridesmaids or groomsmen. 

    Where | Thankot, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Call them | 01-4314400
    Check out their website | http://chandragirihillsresort.com/

    6. Riverside Resort

    riverside resort, a great destination for bachelorette party in nepal

    Midway to Pokhara and a 40 minute drive from the tiger habitats of Chitwan National Park, this resort falls in the ‘middle’ of the more popular tourist destinations. If you’re up for a more adventurous party, this is also the perfect place to go rafting in the Trishuli River. Apart from that, this resort has a huge swimming pool which would host the most awesome pool party. 

    Where | Kurintar, Chitwan
    Call them | +977 56 410029
    Check out their website | http://www.rsr.com.np/index.php/about

    7. Temple Tree Resort

    visit temple tree resort for a bachelor party to remember

    If you were looking to have your party at Lakeside, Pokhara, then we’ve got you covered for that too. Located at the center of the Lakeside in an area called Gaurighat, it is the only stretch of the Lakeside that features a full view of the lake as well as the Himalayas. They even have a cool tree house area which is the perfect place to throw a party. Apart from that, they have a bar located near the swimming pool which again, seems like the place to have a boozy pool party.

    Where | Gaurighat, Lakeside 6, Nepal
    Call them | +977 61 455819
    Check out their website | https://www.templetreenepal.com/ 

    8. Kasara Resort

    kasara resort, a great bachelor party destination in nepal

    Yet another resort in the Chitwan area, Kasara Resort is another great choice. This place is nice and green and more up your alley if you want a less rowdy bachelor / bachelorette party. The place is serene and quiet. They also have a pool and banquets halls, however the true attraction is the traditional cottages and minimalist design.  We recommend this place if you’re looking for a lowkey celebration.

    Where | Patihani Road, Chitwan National Park
    Call them | +977 9801048824
    Check out their website | https://kasararesort.com/

    9. Pateleban Vineyard Resort

    one of the best places to throw a bachelor party in nepal, pataleban vineyard resort

    As the name suggests, you should visit this place if you’re a fan of vineyards and orchids. This is yet another destination for people who love places close to nature and prefer serenity and harmony. They offer activities like vineyard tours and grape picking, however that is not all there is to do there. The terrace and gardens are the perfect place to have a classy party, complete with authentic wines that are made from the fresh grapes in the area. 

    Where | Chisapani, Baad Bhanjyang, Kathmandu
    Call them | +977 9841679364
    Check out their website | https://www.patalebanresort.com/

    10. Aagantuk Resort

    visit aggantuk resort for a bachelor party to remember

    Located at Banepa, this is another ideal place if you want a more relaxed party. The area is huge and you can have your party outdoors in the garden or in one of their halls. This place is also in a convenient location if you want to go out for an excursion to Sukute Beach for a day out rafting. Overall, the resort offers a great view due to its location and a garden party might be the best idea. 

    Where | Banepa, View Tower Marg, Kavre
    Call them | +977 011 490419
    Check out their website | https://www.aagantukresort.com/home

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