Support Our Miss Nepal World Shrinkhala Khatiwada’s Beauty with a purpose project!


    Beauty with a Purpose, formerly known as Miss World Scholarship, is an event established in 2001 that is celebrated during the activities before the Miss World pageant. It awards the contestant with the most relevant and important charity project in her nation.

    Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Miss Nepal World 2018 who will be representing Nepal in China later this year at the Miss World event, has a very noble beauty with a purpose project and needs our support to help the community and make us all proud!

    They have been working on this project of building a health post for a couple of months now. The preliminary works are over and they have recently started with the construction works. The estimated project cost has come out to be around Nrs. 40,00,000/- ($40,000/-). This is where she needs all of your support!

    The health post will be built at Kailash rural municipality, Makawanpur. The majority of the population there are Chepang. The community still suffers from 86{b304d51472d209143d14c39baa1658f61fef905d4e3526cb042f3ec8d1646d0b} child marriage, one of the highest stats of malnutrition all around the country, early motherhood, unplanned parenthood, improper hygiene and sanitation among others. It’s sad to see that even in this age, they have to walk 2.5-5 hrs of distance on foot to get primary health care facilities. In her visit she saw 15 year old mothers, a 32 year old mother of 8 children, a primary school with 96 students, most of whom were malnourished. Heard cases of a young mother dying during child birth, a young man in ICU because his minor accident wasn’t attended to on time. Due to absence of proper health care facilities they still relied on witch doctors, superstitions, practiced child delivery at home. The situation clearly demanded for a health center.

    Being an architect she wanted to BUILD a structure that would provide services even years after its completion. Hence the project was born. They have an understanding with the municipality. They shall be providing the Human Resource to run the project after completion. This will be the first project from her own foundation “One Home”.

    We should support this cause as much as we can and in any way we can! Not only because this is a Miss World activity, but because it is a problem which has been consistent in Nepal in various parts and even a small step towards taking over is vital.
    If you would like to donate any amount, please visit this link here!DONATE NOW
    All our best wishes are with Shrinkhala!
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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