In A Rush and Can’t Find a Taxi? Go Ahead and Book Yourself A Tootle!


    Tootle, a beginning of a new era of convenience!
    “I’ve got to reach the interview by 10, and it’s already 9:30. Ugh, but I can’t get into one of these crowded buses; they don’t care if I m getting late. I just don’t know what to do!”
    Don’t let this happen to you in reality. Just take a go at the new buzz in town, Tootle. It is an app where you can book two-wheeler rides easily and reach your destination faster.

    How Tootle works? Basically, you download the app on your smartphone and sign up. While booking a ride, select the place you want to get picked up from and select the location you want to reach. Then, you tap on book. You’ll see the route for your ride. The ride isn’t free though, so you have to choose between tootle balance and cash while paying. After pressing confirm, you’ll receive a special code. There are processes in between these steps where Tootle partners are informed about your booking. One of them accepts your request and your ride will come pick you up as soon as possible. After reaching your destination, the special code has to be given to your rider. If your Tootle balance starts getting low, you can recharge using e-sewa or by tootle voucher and enjoy the services once again. Similarly, if you become a partner, you start providing rides. For this your Tootle balance increases that you can transfer via e-sewa and use as per your convenience.
    Tootle is an amazing means of transport for Kathmandu. It bridges the passenger and motorbike owner that both of them can be benefited. This is genuinely a new, unique concept as no such concepts were introduced earlier, except for the Mundre Yatayat in Jire Khursani. Keeping jokes apart, this concept can be a new breakthrough if utilized properly. However, this app is already catching the eyes of many locals. A number of people have already taken their Tootle rides and have both good and bad reviews. So, what do you think about this step towards hassel-free transport? Book your tootle soon.
    Happy Tootling!
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
    A seasoned journalist with a passion for storytelling honed over 5 years, specializing in travel, food, and tech.

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