Must Have Food Delicacy Options When in Kathmandu!

    Everyone has their own opinion on things, some might like this others might not. But the thing that everyone loves has got to be FOOD. Food brings happiness, food brings satisfaction. In Nepal, food has the aroma of all sorts of ingredients like culture, historical recipes, love, spices and uniqueness. Food has a special corner in the hearts of all Nepalese. These are the most savored dishes around our country:
    1. Sel-roti

    If you are a Nepali or anyone who has played ‘deusi bhailo’ then you are well familiar with Sel-roti. Hot sel-roti served with some curry is just amazing. For preparing this food, rice is thoroughly washed and soaked in water overnight. The soaked rice is ground into a crumbly form but not into complete powder form. It is mixed into a thick paste by mixing ghee & water and is fried in vegetable oil. It is a popular dish in various rituals and ceremonies, even in weddings.
    2. Dhido with Sisno & Gungruk

    Dhido is a very popular dish in the rural areas of Nepal. It is easy to cook and when served with sisno and curd, many people go crazy. Sisno is a green herb found in Nepal and is used as a popular veggies option in villages while gungruk is fermented green leaves that is used to make different pickles. Dhido is prepared by cooking the flour with ghee and water till the consistency is thick. It is served with the spicy sisno and gundruk along with other curries like chicken soup and curd.
    3. Choila Chiura

    This dish is undoubtedly spicy, hot meat lover’s dream come true. Traditionally, it is a Newari dish where buffalo meat is grilled with various spices. But today, choila is prepared with chicken, mutton as well as other meats. Chiura is the Nepali word for beaten rice which complements this delicacy very well. The preparation of Choila is not very difficult; however, no one cooks these better than Newari people as they are the ones who have the traditional recipes to make them taste so good!
    4. Juju Dhau

    Make way, as the king of curds has arrived to make our taste buds go crazy. Juju dhau is literally the most delicious yogurt you will find all around Nepal. Who are popular for the history of Juju dhau? Yes, you guessed it right, Newari people. It is a compulsion in Newari rituals and is very popular in various gullies of Bhaktapur. The sweet taste and creamy richness in this yogurt is sure to melt inside your mouth.
    5. Daal-Bhat

    How could we leave the ever popular Daal-bhat out of this group? This dish includes of rice, cooked lentils, veggies, fried meat & meat curry along with spicy chutney. You can imagine how big of a plate you need to serve all these items. However, you eat all of these with your hands and we’re sure you ask for more.
    6. Momo

    Last but not the least! Our favourite, Momos! These little packets of deliciousness are the most popular food of Nepal. Momos are a Nepali version of dumplings where we pack ground meat or veggies infused with different spices and herbs in dough. They are steamed and served with a rich sauce. The sauce is the star in this dish as no momos are complete without it. Momos can be in all sorts of designs and every shop may have a different approach in making these.
    Pradip Karki
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