Satisfy your sweet tooth with these mouth watery waffles in K-Town!


    Many of us might have heard about waffles but still most of us haven’t tried them. Dough is cooked between two patterned plates to give the waffles their size, shape and pattern. Many different recipes are used to make waffles and different types of ironing plates are used. People from all around the world love waffles and in Nepal, there are a few places where you can enjoy this delicacy!
    1) World of Waffles Nepal

    World of Waffles is situated in both Labim mall and City centre. This place serves 100{b304d51472d209143d14c39baa1658f61fef905d4e3526cb042f3ec8d1646d0b} egg-less waffles that are baked and you can choose between toppings like fresh fruits, ice cream and different tasty sauces. Among these waffles, the coffee choco, KitKat krunch and raspberry rush are the favorites.
    2) Coco Waffles Restaurant Pvt. Ltd

    Situated at Sallaghari-3, Bansbari; Coco Waffles Restaurant also serves delicious waffles along with many other baked delicacies. This place is very popular in the locality but due to the lack of a proper website, many of the people might not have heard about it. However, the inviting vibe and the aromatic smell inside this place and the waffles will make you want to visit again.
    3) Cream and crackles

    This cafe is situated at the parking space of BigMart, Kupondole near Swiss Contact. The delicious Bubble waffles are among the fan favorites. Cream and crackles is very popular for the hot coffee, air fired chips, ice cream, and much more. People also enjoy here with kids and you can also enjoy with your friends at this place.
    4) The Belgian Waffles Co. Nepal

    Located in Durbarmarg, they consistently serve freshly baked, delicious, crispy yet soft waffle with an alluring aroma and a perfect taste. A well researched formulation, continuous innovation ensures a superlative waffle experience. Redefining the way waffles are delivered from a fine dining sit down to an on the go treat, this has become very convenient, portable and delicious waffle joint!
    5) Cafe Antardristi

    They are a café with a purpose. We serve authentic and homemade products they’re donating their net profit to project Antardristi. Antardristi is a project run by women to offer support to child survivors of sexual abuse. A purpose worth fighting for! So while you are enjoying the waffles they offer in Jhamsikhel, you are contributing to this nobel cause.
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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