Kishori Football Tournament – Match Between Girls From Two Slums To Promote Women Empowerment! Kudos!



    Kartik of 2075 is surely one of the most beautiful months we Nepalese have experienced. The beginning weeks of the month was filled with the essence of our greatest festival, bright red tika and jamara on everyone. Right after this, recently we saw lightened up dark allies and houses with bright lights from diyos and rangolis. Still the month is not over as we wait for Chhat parva, another great festival.
    Within this month, we experienced great vive of purity and happiness. But a truly pure and selfless event was carried out this month on the 19th and 20th of Kartik. In the King Kong Football ground at Sinamangal, very few people and organizations put an effort to provide a platform of girls who were passionate about football. With tremendous help of organizations like Art of Living, Deepak Pukar Foundation and many locals, a football tournament was organized where girls from two different slums, namely Jagritinagar Slum and Gairigaun Slum took part. The other competitors were from Abhishek Gyan Mandir, Acme Academy and King Kong Club.
    Kudos to by Ms. Apeckshya Parajuli and Bishal Rai for all their efforts in organising such a noble event. Bishal Rai has been running an informal school with the name of Ghumti Aagan School as well. He is also President of Nawa Srijana Yuwa Samaj.

    The main motive of this match was to give these passionate girls a platform to show their passion, i.e. female empowerment. Similarly, Art of Living had a vision of changing the perspective of the society towards these girls. The event was a great success with media coverage through the whole tournament. At the end, the team Abisekh Gyan Mandir won while the Acme Academy was the 1st runner up. The 2nd runner up was the team from King Come Club. Even though the girls from slums did not win the matches, the beautiful smile on their faces while they played the game was truly worth watching.
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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