Historical Dharahara all set to stand tall again after 3 long years of wait!


    Among those thousands of houses and buildings that went down in the devastating earthquake on April of 2015, the iconic tower Dharahara also crumbled. The heart-breaking rubble of the historical tower made us emotional and each Nepali had a question in mind; when will the reconstruction start? Fortunately, after 3 long years of waiting, the Dharahara will rise again as the reconstruction program has begun. According to the National Reconstruction Authority, there were six companies who tried to get the official authorization of the monument’s reconstruction. The companies are GIETC–Raman JV, CR5CEC–Swachchhanda JV, ZIEC–Lama JV, CICO–Kalika–Rasuwa JV, Ashish Construction and Kumar CFEC. Each company bid certain amount for the reconstruction program.
    CICO–Kalika–Rasuwa JV : Rs 4.39 billion ZIEC–Lama JV : Rs 4.5 billion CR5CEC–Swachchhanda JV : Rs 4.52 billion Kumar CFEC : Rs 4.49 billion GIETC-Raman : Rs 3.45 billion

    As Raman Construction Pvt Ltd and its Chinese Joint Venture Partner GIETC have approached with the most budget –friendly cost for the reconstruction program, the reconstruction deal has been closed with GIETC-Raman. Different efforts are being made in order to make the reconstructed site better than before. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City took the responsibility of removing the few shops that were illegally running for profit-earning purpose around that area. 22 ropanis of land is planned for the project wherearound 15 ropanis will be taken from the General Post Office, 3 ropani of Sundhara and some plots of few Guthi . As the sources claim, the reconstructed tower will stand at around 294 feet tall. Dharahara will also have 2 elevators as well as an underground area for parking vehicles.

    Pradip Karki
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