Kumari Bank’s attractive ‘Gajjabko Saving Account: Health Insurance Is available with High Interest In the Savings Account.


    Kumari Bank has introduced an upgraded “Gajjabko Savings Account” packed with new features for customers, such as highly competitive interest rates and bundled health coverage.

    Account holders can now earn up to 7.51% interest on savings with a minimum balance as low as NPR 1,000. Free health insurance worth NPR 20,000 is also included, covered by Siddhartha Premier Insurance Company Limited.

    The insurance coverage is available for account holders between 16-65 years of age. A free debit/credit card also comes with the account.

    By enhancing its savings accounts with better rates and benefits over time, the bank aims to simultaneously promote long-term savings and protection – something they see as an important pillar for economic development.

    Over its 22 years of operations, Kumari Bank has grown its distribution network significantly across Nepal. It now has over 300 branches, 300 ATMs, multiple extension counters, and banking units.

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