Find the Perfect Gift For Your Lady For This Valentine’s | 10 Businesses That Offer Great Gift Ideas


    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure those of us who thought ‘Ehh I’ll have time to buy her a gift later’ are starting to get concerned. But fret not gentlemen; we’ve compiled a list of 10 local businesses where you can find the perfect gift for your bae.

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    1. Makkuse

    Makkuse, gift for Valentine's Day

    If your girl has a sweet tooth then she’ll love this one. Makkuse offers desserts of both Nepali and western taste with rich and thick flavors. They usually make use of traditionally Newari food items such as Khuwa and Gundpak and give it a new spin. Some of their most popular products are Gundpak cookies and hard candies. Their products also come in cute minimalistic packages that are perfect for gift giving. 

    Check them out here.

    2. AVANI Nepal

    Avani products to gift to ladies for Valentine's Day

    AVANI is a cruelty free Nepali hair and skincare brand. They have a wide range of products such as hair oil, face masks, rose water, face serums, etc. Being one of the few Nepali brands that specialize in beauty, they’ve established a steady customer base with their good quality products. Their products are usually made of plant extracts and are less chemical based. They also have great customer service and are very responsive to reviews/complaints. 

    Check them out here.

    3. MissNis Jewelry

    Jewelry Valentine's gift for girls

    MissNis Jewelry makes cute handmade accessories. They usually work in beaded and wire wrapped jewelry to create things like danglers, hoop earrings, bracelets, suds, charms, etc. They have products for both people who love flashy jewelry and also for people who love minimalism and jewelry that doesn’t seem too flashy. Whether your lady likes fancy jewelry or if she goes for something more simple, she’ll really appreciate the products from MissNis.

    Check them out here.

    4. Bhav Products

    Stationary gifts for girls for Valentines Day
    Bhav Products

    If she is someone who loves organizing, planning, and stationaries, then this is the perfect place to shop for her. Bhav Products make charming planners and notebooks that appeal even to people who don’t use notebooks. Their products are of good quality and are perfect for creative people as these notebooks can be customized to make it their own. So, if your girl is into design, art, DIYs or anything creative, she will surely appreciate it.

    Check them out here.

    5. Maya Ko Chino


    Maya Ko Chino is a collective store based in Jhamsikhel where they sell products from local businesses. They sell everything from bags, mugs, coffee, plushies, trinkets, etc. They have something for everyone with the variety that they hold. Most of their products are also ethically made and support marginalized groups by housing their products in their store. These products are perfect if you want to give something that’s meaningful and has a story behind it.

    Check them out here.

    6. Kharayo

    Kharayo floral cases

    Kharayo sports handcrafted phone cases and accessories for someone who loves everything floral. Their cases are bright and bubbly which most girls who love that aesthetic will definitely appreciate. They have a lot of colors to pick from and a lot of designs. Apart from phone cases they also have other accessories such as key rings, earrings, necklaces and more. They also offer delicious baked goods via their sister company, Kharayo Bakes.

    Check them out here.

    7. Surya Flowers

    Surya flowers bouquets

    A valentine’s gift list can’t be complete without flowers now, can it? Surya Flowers sell the most beautifully cut flower arrangements you could find here. They also offer flower boxes, apart from bouquets, which make the perfect valentines gift for anyone who appreciates flowers.

    Check them out here.

    8. Succulents Nepal

    Succulents Nepal

    Who doesn’t love plants?  However, not everyone is responsible enough to care for plants; that’s where succulents come in. Succulents Nepal has the cutest succulents that are perfect for gift giving. They are extremely easy to take care of and don’t take up much space which makes them perfect for anyone to care for without feeling like an extra chore for them to do. They also look very cute when put on a desk. 

    Check them out here.

    9. Chocolate Box Nepal

    Chocolate box npal
    heart shapes chocolate box

    Like flowers, chocolate is also a staple when it comes to valentines and Chocolate Box Nepal is the go-to place for this. Like the name suggests, they sell chocolate boxes of various kinds which you can customize according to your preferences. Apart from chocolates, they also sell cushions, plushies and more that go well with chocolates to make the ideal valentine’s gift package.

    Check them out here.

    10. Happy Cakes

    birthday cakes
    Credit: @ilishagram__ on Instagram

    After all is said and done, if you want to celebrate with a cake then look no further than Happy Cakes. They bake the cutest cakes and also take custom orders to deliver cakes that are suited to your taste

    Check them out here.

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