Looking For Luxurious Hotels in Kathmandu? Check Out These 5 Options!

    Luxury is defined by the comfort and the satisfaction that we get by using anything. It is the quality that we get for our price, the bang for our buck. When it comes to hotels, the atmosphere, service, comfort, food and many other factors contribute to making them luxurious. In Kathmandu, there are a number of such hotels that define the true meaning of luxury.

    1) Hyatt Regency


    Hyatt Regency Kathmandu displays stunning Nepalese architecture with a modern vibe. The spectacular hotel’s resort lies on the road to the popular Buddhist destination, Boudhanath Stupa. The hotel is a few miles away from the international airport so reaching there is easy. The hotel receives one of the best guest reviews and experience is great. The hotel serves you a list of delicious dishes from multiple restaurants and cafes.

    2) Dwarika’s Hotel


    Dwarika Das came up with the idea of keeping his traditions and heritage alive by creating such a hotel that would carry the essence of his culture. Thus, Dwarika’s Hotel was born. Since, the late 1970s, Dwarika’s Hotel exhibits the true architectural beauty of Newari culture. From the furniture to the rooms, everything in this hotel displays the multiple cultures and traditions of Nepal. With the finest Newari cuisines along with the other mouthwatering dishes, the hotel doesn’t disappoint you with the services it provides.

    3) Hotel Shanker


    The beauty of the craftsmanship in Hotel Shanker is due to the fact that Ram Shanker Shrestha bought a palace built during the Rana period and made it into a luxurious hotel. With multiple awards from various online booking sites and great reviews from the customers, hotel Shanker stands tall among the best. With the promises to provide comfort, tradition, taste and authenticity in their cuisines, your stay will be similar the experiences of royal families.

    4) Soaltee Crowne Plaza


    How could the list end without the legendary Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu. Having more than 10 acres of space and encircled by beautiful gardens, the beauty of the hotel mesmerizes you. With spectacular mountain ranges within eye-sight, the Soaltee Crowne Plaza offers a piece natural beauty with every glance. Located in Tahachal, just 15 minutes away from the airport, hotel soaltee crown plaza provides dining services similar to the world-class restaurants.

    5) Hotel Yak and Yeti


    One of the most luxurious hotels of Nepal, Hotel Yak and Yeti promises comfort and elegance. The architectural beauty of this hotel is due to the gift of the historical Lal Durbar whose beauty has been conserved by Hotel Yak and Yeti. Offering multiple dining choices, the hotel provides satisfactory services. The hotel has also been shortlisted in the Global Hotel Awards for 2018, so you can imagine how luxurious the hotel and services are.
    Pradip Karki
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