Baskin-Robbins Uttar Dhoka Is Reopening And Just In Time For Summer!


    If you’ve missed your ice-cream fix from Baskin-Robbins’ Uttar Dhoka outlet then we have good news for you. After their brief closure for renovation and redecoration purposes, they are back in business. The reopening event is happening today 4 pm onwards at their store. They’re offering various fun games with fun prizes at the event.

    Their contest ‘Selfie with Pinky’ is happening and can be won by posting a selfie with their pinky at the store and posting it on your feed while tagging their accounts. The winner will receive a roll cake from them. Similarly, another event called ‘Happyness in 40 Seconds’ is taking place where you have to finish up your regular scoop of Baskin-Robbins ice-cream in only 40 seconds. If you manage to do so, your ice-cream will be free of charge. The third event is called ‘Wheel of Happyness’ where all you need to do is spin the wheel and claim your gifts and offers from the various participating brands.

    You can participate in these events by visiting their store today (19th March) at Uttar Dhoka, Lainchaur after 4 pm.

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