10 Must Buy Specialties To Be On Your Shopping List When In Kathmandu!

    Kathmandu serves the facilities and fulfills the customer desire of different design and class. Each place in Kathmandu has its specialty. From big supermarkets, Malls to trendy boutiques, from the premium brand to high-end fashion, you can find almost everything and anything on your bucket list. Check out these 10 things that you should definitely buy when in Kathmandu!
    1) Thangkas

    A Thangka is a sketch on cotton or silk applique, generally delineating a Buddhist divinity, scene or mandala. Since Kathmandu has a large number of Hindus and Buddhists, it can be the best souvenirs for anyone. Thamels, Bouddha, Swayambhu are the key place to buy it.
    2) Singing bowls

    Singing Bowl might be one of the most pleasant things to take from the nation. These dishes made of metal makes a mitigating sound when the edge is rubbed in a roundabout movement by a little wooden stick. Bouddha, Bhaktapur, Basantpur are the best places to shop it.
    3) Nepali topi

    Dhaka topi is a type of hat made up of a fabric. It represents Nepalese tradition and cultures.They are especially used in the festivals like Dashain, Tihar and they can be given as a gift to friends. So, it won’t be a dissapointment to anybody who gets it. You can buy it from Bhaktapur, Basantpur or Thamel.
    4) Khukuri

    Khukuri is one of the best things to buy in Kathmandu since it has a long epic story related with the Gorkhas soldiers.Khukuri is touted as the world’s most well-known blade and it is known for its one of a kind slicing edge. Traditionally, it was, and in many cases still is, the basic utility knife of the Nepalese people. Available in various curio shops in Kathmandu.
    5) Nepali tea

    Nepal is one of the spots to purchase teas. Nepal produces premium quality teas that is exported all over the world. The slopes of Nepal and the atmosphere is ideal for tea hedges and different herbs to thrive. Flavorful Nepali tea has numerous medical advantages and is useful for the well-being as well. You can buy in Thamel, Ason, and New-road.
    6) Titaura/Pau

    Do you like to taste something sour and sweet? Then, there are plenty of foods you can taste in Kathmandu. Titaura, Lapsi, Pau are very much famous in Kathmandu among the young generations. You can have varieties of taste from sour, sweet to spicy. These are found in every corner of the Kathmandu but for better quality, the Newroad market is one of the best place to buy.
    7) Churpi

    Chhurpi is a traditional cheese, similar to ricotta, consumed in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. There are two varieties of churpi – soft variety and hard variety. You can buy the packet of chhurpi in the department stores or any local stores. It is one of the best supplied and likely things of Kathmandu.
    8) Gundpak and Pustakari

    It is very popular in Kathmandu. Many people in different parts of Nepal bring home Gundpak and Pustakari from Kathmandu while getting home. Pustakari is a Nepali candy, which is made stirring a big pan of mixed sugar, khuwa, peanut powder and coconut powder into a brown gooey batter. You can add solid coconut, peanut, dates for better taste. Available mostly in New road.
    9) Pashminas

    Pashmina is the name given to cashmere in Asia. There are likewise a few distinct sorts of value pashmina accessible in Nepal and the cost differs as needs be. These warm and brilliant Pashmina shawls accompany weaving. The most common gifts of pashmina are certainly shawls and scarfs.
    10) Nepali Paper things

    Nepali paper is made of high-quality paper from rice husks. These papers are all the more frequently utilized as a base of a work of art or an original copy. These days a wide assortment of things is created from the rice paper. Rice paper diaries, journals, schedules lights shades and photograph casings might be an awesome keepsake to reclaim home.
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