Top 5 Interesting Plans for Kathmandu under the National Budget 2075/76!

    Our Parliament announced the budget for the fiscal year 2075/76 and with this, there are many speculations to as to see what gets implemented and what not! Though it is yet to be implemented, the start has taken off. Not only as being the capital but also as being a historical place, Kathmandu has got relief in tourism sector restoration which was badly disturbed by the Great Earthquake 2072. Let us take a glance at some interesting plans!
    1. Restoration of Dharahara and Ranipokhari

    Dharahara and Ranipokhari , which are presently no more as monuments but still survive in our heart. The present budget has marked their reconstruction in coming three years. The government has already planned to modernize the both place investing the required large capital.
    2. Initiatives to be taken against Air Pollution in Kathmandu Valley

    Air pollution has become chronic in Kathmandu in the recent times. It has also topped the world charts in the worst polluted cities. Who is to be blamed and what is to be done? So, the regular increase of pollution has to be controlled, for which the budget allows the government to take some initiatives.
    3. Sale and Exhibition Center of Handicraft

    It’s a major gift Kathmandu has been given by the budget. We have great cultures with grand handicrafts but what if they are commercialized? Yes, our new budget has got Kathmandu with Sale and Exhibition Centers, where local experts can actually earn through their skills.
    4. Study of Monorail’s Possibility

    The gradual increase in population in Kathmandu needs a good and safe transport system. For this purpose, the National Budget 2075/76 has managed to study the possibility of Monorail or Metro Rail in Kathmandu. If the study is successful, we are probably getting the service in coming 5-6 years.
    5. Changes in Media & Entertainment Sector

    As per the budget, in sense of media, Radio Nepal and Nepal Television are to be unified while in entertainment’s sense, the Box Office system is to be launched which means we are about to pay certain tax if we visit for movies.
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
    A seasoned journalist with a passion for storytelling honed over 5 years, specializing in travel, food, and tech.

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