5 Must Try Options Of Street Food In Kathmandu!

    Accept it or not, we all have binged over some drool worthy street food here and there at times. So when you are out and about in Kathmandu, below 5 street food options are something to look forward to and what you’ll find in abundance.

    1. The Mighty Mo:mo

    We all love mo:mos. Mo:mo is the most fast selling fast food in Kathmandu. If you are in Kathmandu and haven’t tried mo:mos yet, what have you even done? Don’t miss out on this yummy delicacy. And yes, once will definitely won’t be enough.

    2. Chatamari

    Chatamari is another favorite food of people here in Kathmandu. This is basically dough made up of rice. To spice things up the top is covered with nicely diced buff. Wrapping it up with some salt and pepper. This is found is food stroll in street in most of the places.

    3. Samosa

    Samosa might be a loved snack of people here in Kathmandu and even outside of it. The triangular mouthwatering samosa were originally from India. The outside cover is deep fried and crunchy while inside is filled with soft and juicy mash potatoes, onions, peanuts. This is the easiest go to food if you are looking for light snacks.

    4. Panipuri

    The most favorite food, mostly among ladies. This combination of salt,sweet,sour yet delicious in taste is one of the most fast selling dish in Kathmandu. You can literally find it in any corner of the streets. The puri is crunchy, stuffed with mash potatoes dipped in sweet,sour water is just what your mouth demands for.

    5. Sekuwa

    To the people who love non veg, sekuwa is just the right snack for you. This goes with anything at any time of the day. Sekuwa is basically meat mixed in flavours and stuffed in sticks. Then it is cooked in mild fire. The slight burnt flavor is what makes delicious. It is generally found in sundhara mainly at evening time.
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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