Surprise Gift Hampers waiting for you at Cine de’ Chef Cinemas this Valentines day!


    Celebrate love with Cine de Chef this Valentines day! When you watch a movie with Cine de Chef, it is not just the movie that they want you to remember, it is the time and memories that you create with them, and that is what stays longer!
    Surprise gift hampers will be waiting for some lucky people!
    Cine de Chef are a combination of Cinema with Dining. You can enjoy all the facilities of a 5-star restaurant serving, finger foods, Thai, French, Indian and chef’s specialties to add unparalleled experience to movie watching.
    Not only the luxurious movie experience but you will be able to lunch, munch and dine at the amazing lounge and bar adjacent to their movie halls. The ambiance is very soothing to the occasion and we are sure you will love it! Be it dine or the theater, both will give you pleasing movie experience!

    Check out the showtimes below for Wednesday 14th February in dine and theater:
    Padmavat | Cine Dine | 4.45pm
    Padman | Cine Dine | 7.45am | 10.45am | 7.45pm
    Kri | Cine Dine | 1.45pm
    Kri | Cine Theater | 8.30am | 11.30am | 2.30pm | 5.30pm | 8.30pm
    Contact for booking | 4248402 | 4248403
    There is also a month of love photo contest going on at the moment by CDC cinemas and Oyektm. Be them your partner, mom, dad, sibling or friend click a picture with them and follow the simple steps to participate and maximize your chance of winning some exciting prizes!
    Here is the link to more information about the contest : https://goo.gl/qDtV7s
    Pradip Karki
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