Historical Dharahara all set to stand tall again after 3 long years of wait!

    Among those thousands of houses and buildings that went down in the devastating earthquake on April of 2015, the iconic tower Dharahara also crumbled. The heart-breaking rubble of the historical tower made us emotional and each Nepali had a question in mind; when will the reconstruction start? Fortunately, after 3 long years of waiting, the Dharahara will rise again as the reconstruction program has begun. According to the National Reconstruction Authority, there were six companies who tried to

    Daraz Presents 11.11 – Nepal’s Biggest Online Sale day!

    This time, it is for real. The moment many people have been waiting for is here, for the first time in Nepal, Daraz brings to you, 11.11 the World’s Biggest Sale Day. As we all know very well that the Chinese giants Alibaba Group have bought the entire share capital of Daraz, so we all know that something good was coming our way very soon. And what better by celebrating the shopping festival on the 11th of November. The franchise has broken records by selling goods worth billions. Since the

    5 Big Current Public Projects in Nepal You Must Know About!

    Today we will be talking about few Public Projects run by the state for its citizens which if completed prove as big achievements. Every government has their own Plans and Projects but the question here is , how many of them actually come to the phase of completion? Certainly just a handful! The ones we have listed below are few most talked about topics which are expected to be completed in upcoming period of 5 years. 1. Kathmandu – Terai Fast Track It is a 76.2 KM long National Pride project

    Gmail is Getting a Big Update in the Coming Weeks with New Design and Features!

    Google began alerting that a “new Gmail experience” would be previewed in the coming weeks. Alongside features like quick reply to emails, the ability to snooze emails until later, and a new sidebar to place calendar appointments side by side with messages. We’ve now learned Google will also introduce “Confidential Mode,” which lets Gmail users stop recipients from forwarding certain emails, or restricts the ability to copy, download, or print them. This will also let Gmail users require a

    Nepali-English Translations For Commonly Used Phrases In Nepal by Tourists!

    We live in a country where abundance of tourists visit everyday. And in a place where we believe ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means guests are a form of god, it is our foremost duty to make tourists feel at home whenever and whenever we see them. Here are english-nepali translations for few most commonly used nepali phrases by tourists. This is only a snapshot of a few phrases, we’ll come up with more in future!1) Hello – Namaste2) Please give me a cup of tea? – Ek kap chiya pauna?3) How are you? –

    Himalaya Roadies S2 Announced And Here’s All You Need To Know!

    With lots of international show franchises coming to Nepal, Roadies made its debut last year. And in no time, the Himalaya Roadies S2 is here already. The audition venues and times have been announced. They will start from April 20th in Itahari, April 23rd in Narayangadh, April 25th in Butwal, April 28th in Pokhara and finally in Kathmandu on May 1st. The winner of the last season, Saman Shrestha will be hosting this season along with Animesh Shahi. The tagline for the show this time will be

    5 Life Hacks You Should Definitely Know Of!

    Life is lengthy and tedious and along with all the millions of activities you do each day to be a day older, a few sprinkles of life hacks here and there works wonders to simplify the tasks you do while enjoying the bright side of your life. Here at Oye Ktm, we present to you the best 5 life hacks and tricks you probably didn’t know of, but we bet you can’t resist trying them right away!1) The ‘4-7-8′ miracle’4-7-8’ is an acronym for a set of breathing procedures where you inhale for 4 seconds,

    5 Schools That Should Be On Your List If You Are Thinking Of Switching!

    After our last article where we enlisted some schools in Kathmandu that do International curriculum, we are back again with these 5 schools that should be on your list if you are thinking of switching schools soon! These are all SEE schools. 1) Little Angels SchoolLAS presents a broad and balanced atmosphere recognizing the unique need of each child and pursues its goal of nurturing an individual’s potential. They recognize that academic success depends on a number of factors; the availability

    Congratulations to these Nepalese who made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018.

    In its third year, Forbes annual 30 Under 30 Asia list features 300 young innovators and disruptors across 10 categories who are re-inventing their industries and driving change across this diverse region. Last year we had a number of youth making it to the list and YET Again we have these creative and innovative youth who have marked a spot for them on the list 2018. Check out these Nepalese who made it to the list published on Tuesday, 27th March 2018. 1) Aayushi KcAayushi KC is looking to

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