Best Indoor Plants For Beginners


    Indoor plants are something that is ‘trendy’ at the moment; and rightfully so. Really, who doesn’t like plants? Having a plant or two at your home can improve not just the air quality and the aesthetics of your home, but even your mood! Plants are often low maintenance (compared to pets at least) and generally pleasant to have around. They provide health benefits and are even said to increase productivity. If you don’t have any plants in your home, we recommend rectifying that and keeping some little green friends around. It’s never too late to start with plants!

    Here, we’ve compiled a list of 7 plants you should consider keeping in your home, especially if you’re not experienced with house plants. We’ve also listed some stores at the bottom where you can find the plants we recommend. 

    1. Spider Plants

    spider plant for your room

    If you live with a gardening enthusiast, then you probably have this one in a flowerpot somewhere. But did you know spider plants make really good indoor plants? The green leaves with white outlines look really pretty, especially if you have a bright room. The long, flowy leaves are perfect for a hanging pot rather than a desk plant, so you can hang one above your desk or on your balcony. They don’t even require much care other than regular watering and fertilization every few months. Spider Plants are also said to reduce indoor pollutants, so rest assured the air in your room will always be fresh.

    2. Rubber Plants

    rubber plant for your corridor

    Rubber plants are a little too big to keep on your desk, but will fit great in the corridors of your home. Rubber plants can grow very tall if you care for them properly (it can grow to a 100ft in its natural habitat), so you can even have a mini indoor tree! However you can keep it small if you don’t shift it to bigger pots as it grows. We recommend keeping it in a dark colored pot if you have bright colored walls, and leaving it on a desk or on the floor in the corner of your room. If you have dark walls, keep it in a big white pot and we assure you, your room will be elevated to a new level when it comes to aesthetics.

    Since this is a tropical plant, it requires plenty of water and sunlight, and draining of the soil can be necessary. Despite requiring a little more care, the big oval leaves of this plant will definitely beautify your room and make it worth it. 

    3. Bamboos

    bamboo for your desk

    This is the plant to get if you don’t want too much responsibility of keeping a plant alive. Bamboos (or Lucky Bamboos as some might call it) are really cute and require almost zero effort to take care of. Because of this, and the fact that they are believed to bring prosperity, they are also common housewarming gifts. You can just put some rocks in for anchor, stick them in water, and do nothing at all except admire them (because they’re so cute). They don’t need sunlight or even soil for that matter! Keep them at your work desk as they’re also said to increase productivity. Also, did we mention how cute they are?

    4. Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa)

    swiss cheese plant for your room

    Despite the unusual name, you must have seen this plant before. The big, wide leaves are immediately eye catching. The lush green leaves with holes are pretty unique and reminiscent of Swiss Cheese (hence the name). These plants are eye catching and will beautify any room you keep them in. Despite being big and ‘complicated’ looking, they are not that high maintenance. Just keep them away from direct sunlight, water them regularly, and wipe them with a damp cloth every once in a while and you’re good to go. 

    5. Cactus

    cactus for your desk

    Ah yes, a classic. Despite being one of the most common choices for an indoor plant, there is virtually no one who dislikes cactuses. The tiny ones are ridiculously adorable and require practically no care at all. Cactuses somehow always look classy and stylish. Not to mention, the feeling of seeing your cactus sprouting flowers is one of pure, blissful delight. All you need to do for cactuses is not forget to water them every once in a while, which will be easier if you keep them on your work desk.

    6. Succulents in General

    succulents to care for

    Succulents are a variety of plants you cannot go wrong with. They store water so they won’t immediately die even if you forget to water them every once in a while. They’re small and cute, so that’s already a solid reason why you should have them. Most of us already have Aloe Vera’s in our homes so we know caring for succulents is not that difficult.

    Succulents we recommend are: Burro’s Tail, Echeveria Agavoides, Echeveria Pulidonis, Jade Plant, and Aloe Vera. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other succulents you can keep. If you want to read up on succulents, visit this website: https://www.keepingsucculents.com/

    7. Pothos

    pothos for your balcony

    Pothos, or better known to us as Money Plant, is another aesthetic yet low maintenance plant to care for. The best thing about Pothos is how versatile they are. High ingredient soil? Neat. Low ingredient soil? That’s no problem either. No soil but just water? That’s alright too. Direct or indirect sunlight? Pothos does not care. Try to think of another plant with this range; there are none.

    You can hang them in your balcony and let its vines grow all over the rope for a cottage core feel. Or you can just leave them on the ground and keep it cut short if you’re going for an ‘organized’ vibe. 

    Here are some places where you can find the plants we’ve listed above:

    The Plant Shop

    Plant Housee

    You can also check with your local indoor nurseries as these plants are easily available.

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