Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies in Nepal For Your Marketing Needs


    In recent years, due to the advancement in technology, the definition of marketing has completely overturned. Nowadays, we spend most of our time on social media, where we do everything from sharing funny videos and laughing at memes to booking a ride, ordering food or shopping. With so much interaction happening online, many companies are determined to make their presence noticed on the digital platform and that is where digital marketing companies come in. 

    Day by day, many digital marketing agencies are emerging in Nepal, however, this makes it difficult to find one that best suit your needs. We’ve picked out the top 5 best digital marketing agencies in Nepal to help you achieve your marketing needs. 

    1. Azency


    Originally based in India & USA and with it’s third office in Nepal, Azency is a digital marketing agency in Nepal that offers its clients something more. This company provides services such as website and app development, social media marketing and more. They also provide services for TVCs and influencer marketing to help their clients capture a relevant audience. They put extra effort into making sure that the brand’s message is conveyed not only to a larger audience but also to the right one. You can be assured that none of your investments in digital marketing are going to waste with Azency. 

    Their services: 
    Website Design & Development
    Social Media Marketing
    Product Design and Branding
    App Development
    Influencer Marketing 

    Connect with them: 
    Call them | 9818110388
    E-Mail them | [email protected]
    Website | https://azency.com/
    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/azencydotcom
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/azencydotcom

    2. Lone Tree Nepal

    Lone Tree Digital Marketing Agency Nepal

    Lone Tree Nepal helps the clients reach their expectations by predicting new trends in digital marketing to spot new opportunities and extend the reach to newer audiences. They provide their clients with steadily increased return of investments by aggressively finding and attracting newer and more prospects. With the mix of outstanding design and technology, they will create an excellent user experience. Constantly seeking out innovative tools and solutions they push their clients’ reach in a way that impacts significantly on the digital space and the conventional marketplace. 

    Their services: 
    Branding and Designing
    Social Media and Content Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing/Optimization

    Connect with them:
    Call them | 9851166746
    Website | https://lonetreenepal.com/
    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/lonetreenepal
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/lonetreenepal/

    3. Digital Gurkha

    Digital Gurkha Digital Marketing Agency Nepal

    Digital Gurkha, based in the US, thrives in giving their clients best results by giving them the best of two countries. By applying successful marketing strategies from the US front and remodel them according to specifications of Nepali market, they provide high-quality digital marketing services in Nepal at an affordable price. They mainly focus on building websites for their clients that come with inbuilt SEO and great user experience. A well built website is the core of any business that wants to leverage from digital marketing. They also specialize in app development that are tailored to the needs of the clients and provide ease to their user base.

    Their services: 
    Website and App Development
    Content Strategy
    SaaS Products
    Search Engine Optimization
    Social Adverts

    Connect with them: 
    Phone | 01-4113819
    Website | https://digitalgurkha.com/
    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/digitalgurkha
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/digitalgurkha/

    4. Social Aves

    Social Aves Digital Marketing Agency Nepal

    Social Aves use influencer marketing to draw sales towards your business. They understand that the general public is unified and influenced by social media celebrities and use this tactic to entice the audiences. Besides this, they approach every client’s projects with detailed research and data-based analysis. They will develop great user-friendly websites that are designed to entice and attract the specific audience of their client. 

    Their services: 
    Social Media and Content Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
    Influencer Marketing
    Website design and Development

    Connect with them: 
    Phone | 9801115323
    Website | https://socialaves.com/
    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/socialaves
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/avessocial/

    5. Trilogy Digital Media

    Trilogy Digital Marketing Agency Nepal

    Trilogy Digital Media is the first ever digital marketing agency in Nepal. They started their services to various local and foreign clients since 2000 AD, at a time when digital marketing was still beginning to evolve. They have grown as the company alongside the growth of digital marketing in Nepal. Besides the vast experience in the field, Trilogy also shares digital marketing tips for those who are seeking to explore new ideas, insights, and valuable experiences through their education center.

    Their services:
    Online Marketing 
    Pay Per View Ads
    Digital Marketing Training
    Website Design Development
    Domain Registration and Web Hosting

    Connect with them: 
    Phone | 01-4499781
    Website | https://www.tdm.com.np/
    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/TrilogyDigitalMedia
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/trilogydigitalmedia/

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