Time To Get Fit With ‘Fit Bar’ | Nepal’s Very First Energy Bar Is Here


    Fit Industries has introduced the first ever energy bar called ‘Fit Bar’ in Nepal. Olympian Baikuntha Manandhar inaugurated the sale of Fit Bar during a program on Friday.

    It has been assured that 100% of the raw materials used are produced in Nepal, and only the healthiest ingredients like oats and almonds are used. The Fit Bar can be consumed by children and the elderly without issue. The company says that this product has proved to be effective for people with diabetes as well.

    The idea for Fit Bar came when Fit Industries noticed that tourists and trekkers coming to Nepal were mostly purchasing imported energy bars. So, the company created the Fit Bar to encourage purchase of locally manufactured energy bars. They are now confident that Nepali bars will be purchased more than imported ones.

    The company has also stated that it will soon launch protein bar biscuits and juices that contain various health benefits.

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