Prepare for a Rocking Sunday as the Best Bands of Nepal perform Live!


    If you are looking forward to have a rocking Sunday, this is just where you have to end up for this! Witness the best bands of Nepal come together and perform live! Albatross will be playing alongside, Newaz, Tumbleweed and Gene Pool. Albatross a rock band from Nepal, started in 1998. They are the cornerstone of the alternative rock genre in Nepal. They are still together as one of the pioneer bands from Nepal. And then we have Newaz which is a Nepalese Hard Rock Band influenced by Blues, Punk and Grunge. The name literally means Nepali Awaz which would represent the Nepali Community. Also enjoy the sound of Tumbleweed Inc. which is a Rap based funk/metal influenced from Rage Against the Machine, Snot, Primus, Deftones, RHCP etc. Not only this! Gene Pool, a band which has traveled all the way from Australia will also be playing with these amazing bands and so this is sure to be a rocking evening at Club 25 Hours! And yet another excitement – FIRST 100 TIX WILL RECEIVE ALBATROSS STICKERs!

    Where | Club 25 Hours, Tangalwood
    When | Sunday 10th December, 5pm onwards
    Tickets | 500NRs, Door sale

    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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