6 Underrated and New Trekking Routes in Nepal You Should Visit Before They Get Crowded


    Trekking is one of Nepal’s most popular attractions and rightfully so. Nepal has an array of beautiful trekking spots for the adventurer inside everyone. However, the conversation regarding trekking is always dominated by the ABCs and Everests and the more underrated destinations hardly get to shine. So, today we’ve compiled 6 new trekking routes in Nepal that you should visit before they become mainstream.

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    1. Tsum Valley Trek

    Mountains in Nepal

    Tsum valley, situated in the northern part of the Gorkha district is located between Bauddha Himal to the west, Ganesh Himal to the south, and Sringi Himal to the north. The name ‘Tsum’ is derived from the Tibetan word ‘Tsombo’, which means vivid, it is an area largely untouched by urbanization. The area is inhabited by indigenous people of Tibetan origins. The surrounding area is extremely peaceful and scattered with Buddhist stupas and scriptures. The trekking trail is as beautiful as the ruins of the Tsum Kingdom, which are still visible. It is truly a place of both natural and cultural beauty.

    Estimated Trekking Time | 16-19 days
    Best time to go | Fall
    Difficulty | Moderate – Hard

    2. Guerrilla Trekking

    Guerilla trekking route in Nepal, new trekking route

    The Guerrilla trekking trail lies in the far west of Nepal. It starts from Beni and ends in Sulichaur. Despite what the name might suggest, it is a peaceful area largely untouched by commercialization now. The route used to be an area of conflict during the Maoist insurgency but is now a beautiful trekking destination and also holds a lot of historical significance. This is the trek for you if you’re a history or culture enthusiast.

    Estimated Trekking Time | 16-30 days
    Best time to go | Spring and Summer
    Difficulty | Moderate – Hard

    3. Dhorpatan Trek

    Trekking through this route lets you observe the only hunting reserve in Nepal which has an abundance of flora and fauna. This trail is so underrated in fact, that less than 150 tourists visit it every year making it a fairly off-the-beaten trekking trail in Nepal. Laying only a day’s drive west from Pokhara, this trek is not very difficult either. Apart from the wildlife, you’ll also get to see many of Nepal’s iconic mountains up close, including the gorgeous Mt. Dhaulagiri. The extremely friendly and curious local Magar community will make you feel right at home. 

    Estimated Trekking Time| 14-19 days
    Best time to go | Spring and Fall
    Difficulty | Moderate

    4. Phikuri Peak Trekking

    Phikuri peak, new trekking route in Nepal

    This route gives you an excellent view of many mountains including Everest itself, however, it is named after the most prominent mountain peak, Phikuri. This trek would be popular among culture lovers as if passes through rich, cultural settlements of Tamangs. You will also pass various stupas and monasteries as well, while being quiet and secluded at the same time. The sunrise is said to be incredible to watch from here.

    Estimated Trekking Time | 3 – 6 days
    Best time to go | Spring, Summer, Fall
    Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

    5. Lumba Sumba

    Prayer flags fluttering along the trekking trail in Nepal

    This is another addition to the list of relatively new trek routes in Nepal. The trek runs through Kanchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA) in the eastern Himalaya which will let you see spectacular landscapes, rare wild animals and just get lost in the beauty of nature. The indigenous groups are from a variety of ethnicities from Limbus, Sherpas, Rai, Gurung, Magars, Newars, and Tamangs and you will have ample opportunities to interact with them and learn about their culture and way of life. Not to mention how the beautiful monasteries, prayer walls, and temples along the way will definitely enhance your experience. 

    Estimated Trekking Time | 16 – 21 days
    Best time to go | Spring, Summer, Fall
    Difficulty | Hard

    6. Kapuche Trek

    Kapchue Trek
    Image credit: northnepaltrek.com

    This Lowest Glacier Lake lies to the North-East of Kaski and is an area of pristine natural beauty. Being located at an altitude of 2546 meters from sea level, this area provides a unique trekking experience. The trail begins at Pokhara and passes through several beautiful hills and villages. The route is mostly isolated and peaceful with a grand view. The trek is also pretty short and despite being one of the least visited trekking routes in Nepal, it has steadily been gaining popularity due to the unique trekking experience it provides. It is one of the best new trekking routes in Nepal.

    Estimated Trekking Time | 4-6 days
    Best time to go | Spring, Winter, Fall
    Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

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