Nepal Announces the New Height of Sagarmatha


    The new height of Sagarmatha has been revealed by the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, two years after the project started. The ministry revealed in a report presented today that the new height of Sagarmatha is 8848.86 Meters. 

    The updated height was revealed in a joint online meeting live via broadcast along with the Chinese Ministry.

    The two countries had agreed to jointly announce the new height of Sagarmatha about a month ago. Nepal had started to work on measuring the world’s tallest mountain two years ago and the Chinese Ministry followed suit and began measuring the height from the northern side of the mountain. 

    In Nepal, a team had been created under Sagarmatha Height Measurement Secretariat which had applied traditional and modern measuring techniques to make findings on the study. The team had used the Global Navigation Satellite System to define the new measurements of Sagarmatha. This is the first time that Nepal has measured the height of Sagarmatha with its own resources. 

    The Nepalese ministry had decided to reassess the height of Sagarmatha as a result of the earthquake that had occurred in 2015. The mountain is also said to grow by half an inch each year due to the continuous collision between the Indian and Asian tectonic plates. 

    Sagarmatha, which is also known as Zhumulangma in China and known globally as Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Previously, the height of Sagarmatha or Mount Everest was said to be 8848 meters (29029 feet). With the new measurements, it still holds its title as the tallest mountain in the world. 

    Pradip Karki
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