Fascinating Asan – Know What To Expect When in Asan. Must Visit!

    small boy in rickshawAsan is one of those parts of the valley which still carries the nostalgic beauty of the old Kathmandu city. The crowded and noisy toles haven’t stopped the shopkeepers from selling their goods. The six-road junction of Asan may be one of the busiest places in Kathmandu which may be overwhelming at first. However, this authentic part Kathmandu with its essence of Newari culture doesn’t stop to fascinate the spectators.

    1. Dreamland for shopaholics

    local shop in asan

    From the second you are inside Asan, you will feel what a paradise for shopping really looks like where you can buy almost anything that Nepal’s market has to offer. The eye catching artifacts, beautiful pashmina shawls, pure spices, electronics etc. are only things to begin with because at Asan you don’t know what you might find in the next street. Not to miss, you can buy all of that at a bargain as its one of the cheapest markets in Nepal.

    2. Shrines And Temples

    temple in asan

    This place has lot to offer even from the cultural and traditional aspect. Remarkable monuments like Annapurna, Ganesh temple, fish stone, Asan Dabu are not only crowded by visitors, but every particular place carries a traditional importance as well. As an example, Nyālon i.e. the fish stone was given this term because it marks the spot where a fish supposedly fell from the sky and is related to the legendary founding of Asan.

    3. Beautiful Pictures

    utensil shops at asan kathmandu

    Asan is like another world inside Kathmandu. Just across the highway there are big buses and trucks driving like crazy while in one of the corners of Asan, there might be a family offering flowers, fruits and confectionary in a small temple. Grab your camera with a fully charged battery and go on weekend with a photography mission inside this magnificent place. You’re sure to capture moments and memories of a lifetime.

    4. Grab A Bite

    newari food

    Being a Newari community, if you venture deep into this place, you might be delighted to find what this place serves you. The popular Lassi and Jujudhau are popular in every other street but on searching or wandering through the small gallis of Asan you may get a chance to enjoy delicacies like bara, yomari, chatamari and other Newari dishes made by old grandmothers that still taste like they used to decades ago.

    5. Get Lost

    people in asan
    The phrase “getting lost” might not be fascinating at first but to experience the true beauty of Asan really means to get lost in this place. Try to be amongst the locals and
    see how Asan has become this glorious place which attracts people from all around the globe. If you can, try to go as deep as you can inside the hearts of Asan without the fear of forgetting your way back, as you will find the way back easily by the help of the humble locals. Every street, every temple, every shop is different from each other, but are among the oldest places inside Kathmandu. So, when in Asan just go where the crowd takes you.
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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