Fun Museums In Nepal You Should Visit

    Visit these fun museum in Nepal on your next day off!

    7 Luxurious Hotels In Nepal You Should Know About

    Visit one of these hotels for a luxurious vacation in Nepal!

    Cyclers Rejoice! The OAC Bicycle Expo Is Here!

    Cycling aficionados, want to participate in an event that attracts cyclists from all over...

    Fun Weekend Activities To Do In Kathmandu That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

    There are many fun activities that you can do in Kathmandu other than visiting historical sites.

    10 Resorts Perfect For A Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party Before Your Big Day

    A final party before the Big Day is a great way to celebrate with your friends.

    The Amazing Motor Rally : Combining Tourism Promotion, Spreading Cancer Awareness And Having Fun All At The Same Time

    A weekend filled with fun, awareness and excitement. The Amazing Motor Rally comes to an end.

    31 BEST Picnic Spots In And Around Kathmandu Valley!

    We’re sure all of us love the idea of going somewhere nice for a picnic. Be it with friends or family, colleagues or anyone, when you have the best people with you, it is sure to be fun-filled times. So, to ease out with the stress of thinking of the best spot for picnics in and around Kathmandu, check out our recommendations to these amazing 7 picnic spots!

    Party On The Go With Party Bus Nepal | Newest Way To Party Around Town

    Forget partying after reaching a destination, now you can party on the go with Party Bus Nepal.

    12 Rooftop Restaurants You And Bae Can Have The Perfect Valentine’s Date In Kathmandu

    It is month for celebration of love. Valentine day is around the corner and if you are looking for some place to have quality time with your beloved one then this might be just the post for you. Here are 5 restaurants in Kathmandu with rooftop providing amazing view of the entire city to make the perfect date. 1) Helena’s Restaurant This restaurant is very famous for its rooftop facility. It serves you food with great hospitality and in a very friendly environment and has great taste in

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