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    Crash Into Club Deja Vu To Witness Marshmello Live – The DJ Whose Identity Is Hidden!

    Marshmello is performing live in Kathmandu at Club Deja Vu. We are sure you don’t want to miss this extra ordinary extravaganza! Marshmello is an electronic dance music producer and DJ. He first gained international recognition by remixing songs by Jack Ü and Zedd, and later collaborated with artists including Omar LinX, Ookay, Jauz and Slushii. In January 2017, his song “Alone” appeared on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Marshmello wears a custom helmet for public appearances. His identity is

    Prepare for a Rocking Sunday as the Best Bands of Nepal perform Live!

    If you are looking forward to have a rocking Sunday, this is just where you have to end up for this! Witness the best bands of Nepal come together and perform live! Albatross will be playing alongside, Newaz, Tumbleweed and Gene Pool. Albatross a rock band from Nepal, started in 1998. They are the cornerstone of the alternative rock genre in Nepal. They are still together as one of the pioneer bands from Nepal. And then we have Newaz which is a Nepalese Hard Rock Band influenced by Blues, Punk

    Running out of Money? Not A Problem – Check Out These Amazing Cheap Eats In Kathmandu!

    We’ve all got the time of the month when we’re running a bit tight on the expenses. Those are the times when we look for low key places to eat with reasonable pricing menu. Not just the price but food should be good too, right? So if you agree and want to find out some places to quench your hunger with the less money you have, check out our recommendations to some places that do exactly the same. 1) Japanese Kitchen KizunaIf you are bored of eating same food from dusk to dawn and are you looking

    Trisara Turns 6! Celebrate The 6th Anniversary With An Awesome Party Doubled With Nabin K. Bhattarai’s Music @Trisara!

    Trisara has no doubt been on the top list for being people’s favourite get together spots. It is now celebrating its 6th anniversary with an exciting party. Along with the awesome party there are yet other announcements and surprises to be announced on the very day at Trisara. This 6th year, the celebration doubles with a surprise. Crash in at Trisara on Saturday and party all night! This venue has proven to be one of the best party spots and we are sure this one will cross all its own

    The Weekend Is Not Over Yet! Party Animals Shouldn’t Be Waiting For Weekends To Party! Check Out Where To Party All Week!

    If you are a party animal then we are sure that just the weekend partying doesn’t serve you well?? Check out our recommendations to some amazing night clubs that operate all days of the week so you don’t have to wait for the weekend!1) Deja vu LoungeDeja Vu is one of the few night clubs that are open until 5am in the morning! When the rest of the city is asleep, there is this place that lives through the night. It is centrally located at Durbar Marg and is a spacious area, with proper seating

    Get Momolicious With These Mouth Watering Mo:mo Places In Kathmandu!

    Mo:mo! This one dish no one says NO to! Mo:mo has become the most popular dish in Kathmandu and why not even? There are several places in Kathmandu that serve mo:mo but check out our recommendations to these 3 amazingly innovative places that have leveled up the mo:mo picture real time. 1) Simply Bota Bota started as a small cafe offering varieties of momo with selection of chatnis to go with it. All one better than the other! Now due to its popularity and demand, it delivers a wide range of

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