Businesses Extend Support After Jajarkot Earthquake


    Aftershocks continue to occur following the Jajarkot epicenter earthquake of 6.4 magnitude at 11:47 PM on November 3 Friday. So far, 439 aftershocks have been recorded in the area, the largest one being of 5.8 magnitude that occurred on Monday, November 6 at 4:31 PM, with its epicenter at Ramidanda in Jajarkot.

    With 101 deaths from Jajarkot and 52 from the nearby Rukum West District, the death toll has been revised to 153. In addition to causing major property damage in the Karnali province’s Rukum and Jajarkot districts, the earthquake also left a large number of people injured.

    Businesses Join Hands for Providing Earthquake Relief 

    Following the Jajarkot earthquake, a number of business houses around the country have joined hands for relief and assistance. 

    NMB Bank Limited has decided to provide 50 lakhs rupees in cash assistance as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts to support the rescue and relief of those affected by the Jajarkot earthquake. Read more on NMB Bank Limited announces to donate Rs. 5 Million for Earthquake Relief

     support after Jajarkot Earthquake

    The bank is optimistic that this financial assistance will make a major difference in minimizing the damage caused by the severe earthquake in Jajarkot, Rukum West, and the surrounding districts.

    Similarly, The companies promoted by IME Group, Global IME Bank, IGI Prudential Insurance, IME Life Insurance and IME Ltd, and IME Foundation decided to provide Rs 15 million in monetary assistance for people affected by the earthquake.

     support after Jajarkot Earthquake

    Following the decision, the Chairman of IME Group and the Global IME Bank, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, handed a cheque for Rs 15 million to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ on November 7 Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, Additional relief support for the earthquake survivors has also been promised by the IME Group and IME Foundation.

    Likewise, City Express Group decided to donate NPR 2.5 million to the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund in order to provide prompt support for the rescue, medical care, and relief of the earthquake victims.

    Buddha Air, a prominent airline company, has pledged to donate Rs 10 million to the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund along with the help for shipment of rescue and relief supplies.

    Earthquake Victims on Hope of Relief 

    The earthquake victims are spending chilly nights outside in tents and are concerned about their future despite the support and aid from various organizations flooding in. 

    However, they have hopes that the relief materials and assistance from the authorities will reach them soon. 

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