Best Noodle Places In Kathmandu To Satisfy Your Cravings


    Ah yes, noodles; the ultimate comfort food that everyone loves. Noodles are pretty much a staple in Nepal with Wai Wai and Rara being everyone’s go-to meal when they’re not in the mood to cook. Apart from that, even Ramen and Thukpa are gaining traction and are becoming another food people reach for these days. But have you wondered what are the best places in the city to get the most delicious noodles? Well wonder no more, because we’ve compiled places in Kathmandu you should totally visit if you’re in the mood for a satisfying bowl of noodles. 

    1. Hokkaido Ramen House

    try ramen at hokkaido ramen house

    This is one of the most popular ramen places in the city and for good reason. They serve delicious ramen with an authentic Japanese taste, alongside various other great Japanese dishes. They are also the only Japanese restaurant in that part of town, so if you ever find yourself craving ramen around Budhanilkantha area, you know where to go now. They’re located inside the premises of Park Village Resort in a separate building so they might be slightly inconvenient of us who live far away, but the ramen here is worth the journey.

    Where │Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/HokkaidoRamenHouseNepal

    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/hokkaidoramenhouseofficial/

    2. Kyubi’s Kitchen

    try the ramen at kyubis kitchen

    This anime themed café is a great place to get ramen, especially if you’re a Naruto fan. The décor, and even the menu is anime themed and the staff often cosplay as various anime characters. Their signature Ichiraku Ramen (named after Naruto’s favorite ramen shop in the anime) is really worth a shot if you like noodles in general. What makes this place special when it comes to ramen is that they let you customize your ramen in the way that you want. So, you can choose your own toppings and make your ramen catering to your own taste!

    Where │Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/Kyubiskitchen

    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/kyubiskitchen/

    3. Kungfu Noodles

    spicy noodles at kungfu noodle house

    This is a nice and cozy place to visit if you just want noodles. They mostly serve authentic Chinese noodles and we recommend you only try them if you can handle spice. It’s a really small place that’s great to just grab a quick bite to eat and leave, or you can even visit with one or two friends. The spicy noodles here are perfect if you want to challenge your taste buds on a cold day. It’s located at the entrance to Thamel from Chettrapati side, but it might be difficult to spot if you’re not paying attention. Do try their Super Spicy Chicken Noodles if you visit!

    Where │Thamel, Kathmandu

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/kungfunoodles977

    Instagram │N/A

    4. Hangkook Sarang Korean Restaurant

    ramen at hankook sarang korean restaurant

    This Korean restaurant is a place you’ll really enjoy if you love Korean food. While ramen is not their only specialty, you can have them with a side of various Korean dishes which makes it totally worth it. Ramen and Kimchi (which is great here by the way), is a combo you didn’t know you needed. You can enjoy your noodles alongside an authentic Korean meal and honestly, what more could a noodle lover want?

    Where │Thamel, Tangal, Jawalakhel, Kathmandu.

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/hankooksarangkoreanrestaurant

    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/hankooksarangkoreanrestaurant/

    5. Little Tibet Restaurant

    noodles at little tibet restaurant

    Okay enough about Ramen, let’s talk about the underrated gem that is Thukpa for a second. Little Tibet restaurant serves mouthwatering Thukpa for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Even apart from Thukpa, they also serve delicious noodles of various kinds. their noodles manage to steal the spotlight most times because they’re just that good, but their menu is packed with other authentic Tibetan dishes as well. This is a place we recommend visiting you like not just Thukpa but Tibetan food in general.  

    Where │Thamel, Kathmandu

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/littletibetnepal

    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/littletibetnepal/

    6. Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory

    This place is raved about by many and often cited as the best place for Keema Noodles in town. Their Buff Keema Noodles, among others, is amazing and just the right amount of oily. Out of the many noodle places in Boudha, this one really manages to stand out due to its delicious offerings and the fact that the noodles are actually prepared in their in-house factory. While a simple place, they still manage to rack in a crowd most days so give them a visit if Keema Noodles is your thing!

    Where │Boudha, Kathmandu.

    Facebook │ https://bit.ly/3sPMzVE 

    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/khawakarponoodles/

    7. Sanchyan Ramen Restaurant

    sanchyan ramen house serves delicious ramen

    A delicious little Japanese restaurant in the heart of Old Patan, Sanchyan Ramen Restaurant is another perfect place to satisfy your ramen cravings. The price here is reasonable, the dining area is clean and comfortable, the staff are super friendly, and most importantly, the ramen here is delicious.

    Where │Patan, Lalitpur

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/Sanchyan-Ramen-Restaurant-104564147726551/

    Instagram │https://www.instagram.com/sanchyan_ramen/

    8. Simon Noodle House

    the noodles at simon noodles house is delicious

    This is a small restaurant in Sanepa that almost exclusively specializes in noodles. They not only offer ramen, but a variety of Asian fusion dishes such as Pad Thai, Kung Pao, Mee Goreng, and many more as well. This place is small and homely, but the noodles are delicious so go give them a visit if you’re a noodle lover!

    Where │Sanepa, Lalitpur

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/NOODLEHOUSE111

    Instagram │https://www.instagram.com/simon_noodle_house/

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