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    Through all the hectic months of the pandemic, December has already snuck upon us. You probably have already started working on your Christmas gift ideas for this year. Gift giving is a noble gesture to let your friends and family know how much you mean to them. It’s even more special during festive occasions. There are many local businesses that manufacture and sell various products that would be great as gifts. With so many businesses witnessing a devastating turn of events due to the Covid-19 breakout, this is the best time to #GoLocal. 

    1. Aji’s 

    Silver accessories as Christmas gift can also reflect the snowy winter months Woolen scarves make for the perfect Christmas gifts

    With the mission to empower the elderly, Aji’s is a social enterprise that enables the old age folks to produce and sell various kinds of handmade clothing and decorative items that could make really nice Christmas gifts. Their products carry a traditional vibe to them which makes it more special for those who grew up in Kathmandu. Aji’s produce and sell handmade items such as hand-knitted woollen clothing, dhaka clothing, silver accessories, Lokta (Nepali) paper items, beauty products, and many more. These items can make great options for your handmade Christmas gift ideas.

    2. Hemp In Nepal 

    Hemp bucket hats for Christmas gift ideas.Trendy hemp bags are a great Christmas gift idea

    Hemp In Nepal manufactures eco-friendly casual wear, backpacks, and more. They use hemp fibres extracted from cannabis plants which have been grown naturally without using chemical fertilizers. All of their products are handmade right here in Nepal. Using naturally made products aid greatly in the preservation of our environment and ecosystem. So, if you are looking for organically made products to give as a gift to your mates this Christmas, Hemp in Nepal could be your destination.

    3. Nuga’s Essence 

    Natural soaps are a great Christmas gift for skincare enthusiasts Coffee scrub to nourish dry skin during Christmas time

    Beauty and care products make up for a great Christmas gift because your skin needs a little extra care during winter. Nuga specializes in creating handmade, edible-grade beauty care products that use local farm products. Their products are completely free of harmful chemicals and are made of only organic ingredients. They use Nepali herbs and spices such as fenugreek, turmeric, and coffee to produce all-natural skincare products. These items would make for a “beautiful” Christmas gift idea for anyone who you think deserves some self-care! 

    4. Graceful Nature 

    Herbal soaps are a great Christmas gift idea for anyone Colorful soaps are perfect for a Christmas gift idea

    Graceful Nature is yet another handmade skincare brand which uses locally grown herbs, therefore, supporting local farmers. They use raw materials extracted from the Himalayan landscapes of Nepal to create handmade, eco-friendly, cruelty-free skincare products. They contribute 10% of every sale to the charity. So, while buying a thoughtful Christmas gift, you will also be putting some good karma out in the universe.

    5. Made in Nepal

    Evergreen succulent plants are the perfect gifts for Christmas Cute pots are a perfect Christmas gift for proud plant parents.

    Houseplants are yet another brilliant gift idea as they have been proven to reduce stress and boost your mood in their presence. Indoor plants make good decor for your home as well as your workplace. It is always good to have a tiny green friend around while working. That is why these plants can make awesome Christmas gift ideas for staff that you work with. Made in Nepal delivers various kinds of houseplants and plant pots anywhere in Kathmandu. So help your friends and family create a productive and stress-free environment in their living or working space by ordering from Made in Nepal.

    6. Kayo Studio 

    Handmade Christmas gifts will always have a place in anyone's heart Silverware always makes for beautiful Christmas gift ideas

    For creative and handmade jewellery and various accessories, Kayo Creative Studio is who you need to call. They take an artistic approach to making their handmade products. They specialize in creating gifts that are contemporary, yet have a traditional touch to them. Kayo Studio believes that “giving gifts is a form of art”, so you can be assured that whatever gift you choose, will have a touch of artistic inspiration. Shop with Kayo Studio for artistic and exquisite jewellery and accessories to gift your beloveds.

    7. Nepal Handloom Silk Products 

    Get something warm for ChristmasHandmade bags are a sophisticated Christmas gift for fashionistas

    Who doesn’t like silk? It’s comfy, it keeps you warm, and makes for a memorable gift. Steal a place in the recipient’s heart by gifting them local handloom silk products. Nepal Handloom produces a wide range of silk products such as blankets, jackets, shirts, handbags, ties, trousers, etc. made with silk. They have been around for more than three decades, manufacturing top quality silk and other products. Silk products will make for an excellent Christmas gift for that one person who enjoys the finer things in life. 

    8. NIS Handicraft 

    Crochet figurines make for a cute Christmas present Cute woollen hats make for a cozy Christmas present

    Adding something cute and warm for your Christmas gift shopping list, NIS Handicraft gives you various handmade crochet items. Their products include customized woollen hats, socks, crochet figurines, etc. that come in various styles and designs. They also make cuddly figurines from crochet as key chains, dream catchers, hand purses, laptop covers, and more! If you are planning on giving something to a group of friends or wondering what to get for your corporate Christmas party; small yet cute crochet items are the best choice to get something for everyone.

    9. Naturo Earth

    When it comes to Christmas gifts, skincare is a good option Body care products make for a luxurious Christmas present ideas

    A one-stop destination for a wide range of organic products comprising handmade soaps, essential oils, body scrubs, face wash, etc. Naturo Earth also provides the finest blends of tea and spices. Their products aim to promote a sustainable and organic lifestyle. Treat your loved ones with the best of organic beauty care products, organic food items, and more this Christmas with Naturo Earth.  

    10. Laibary Publication 

    Coloring books make a good Christmas gift for all agesColoring books make for good Christmas gifts

    Laibary Publications is an online bookstore with a wide range of books. They have recently introduced a series of coloring books that feature artwork created by Nepali artists. The beautiful artworks are based on Nepali themes and festivals. This could be a perfect gift for young kids or even adults. The coloring books titled “Festivals of Nepal” and “Color Nepal” provide an opportunity to learn about Nepali culture while also getting to celebrate its vibrant colors. To make learning fun, contact Laibary Publication for your copy of these exclusive coloring books to give to anyone who has an artistic side to them.

    11. Dhaatu – Pure Copper 

    Copperware are traditional gifts you can get for Christmas Copperwares make for sustainable Christmas gifts

    Dhaatu is Nepal’s first premium copperware brand. Copperwares are rooted in the Nepali heritage as they are believed to have health benefits and are designed to prevent premature tarnishing. Dhaatu’s products are helping to preserve the use of copper utensils while also looking aesthetically pleasing enough for Instagram. Their product line consists of handcrafted, lightweight water bottles which makes a very good alternative to plastic bottles. With reasonable pricing, Dhaatu is the brand that you might want to consider when buying Christmas gifts this year.

    12. Radhako Burn Survivors 

    Candles are the perfect Christmas gift idea Colorful candles are perfect for Christmas

    Radhako Burn Survivors is a social venture that was founded by a burn survivor which supports other burn victims by providing them with employment and a source of income. Their main products are handmade scented and unscented candles but they also produce jewellery like earrings and bangles. Scented candles are a great choice to get for anyone this Christmas as they represent a festive spirit. 

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