Top Korean Dramas Of 2020 That Kept Us Going Through Quarantine


    With the crazy year finally coming to an end, we’d like to thank kdramas for making our quarantine better. Since the beginning of the year, one good thing that came out of 2020 was a wide variety of amazing, binge-able kdramas which was just what we needed during the long days of lockdown.

    If you don’t watch Korean dramas, like seriously, what are you doing? You’re missing out on a lot of fun! But be warned, once you start watching them, there’s no going back. Kdramas have a tendency to keep you yearning for more and soon enough, you will be absolutely obsessed with them. Not just because of the ethereal looking main leads but also because of the story, great fashion, mouthwatering food shots and engaging side plots which make it a full package. So, if you’re planning on binging on some of the best kdramas, here’s a list of top Korean dramas of 2020. 

    1. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

    Best kdramas of 2020, Its okay to not be Okay

    It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is one of the greatest korean dramas of all time, starring Soo Ye-Ji, playing Ko Mun Yeong, a children’s book writer with antisocial disorder; Kim So Hyun playing Moon Gang Tae, a psychiatric ward nurse who cannot get close to anyone; and Oh Jung Se playing Moon Sang Tae, his autistic elder brother. 

    The entire series revolves around the mental situation of the three main leads and how they find comfort in each other and heal together. The drama focuses a lot on mental illness and neurodiversity with a major setting in the series being the OK Psychiatric Hospital where Gang-tae works at and in which Mun-yeong’s father resides.

    If you love mystery and good storytelling, then this is the drama that you must watch. Another reason for watching this drama is for the killer outfits of Ko Mun Yeong, they’re just too good! 

    Genre: Drama, Romance, Family, Mild Horror
    No. of episodes: 16
    IMDb rate: 8.8/10

    2. Start-up

    Kdramas of 2020-Start-up

    Start-up is yet another romantic Korean drama of 2020, starring Bae Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk. It tells the story of young people Seo Dal Mi (Suzy), Nam Do San (Joo Hyuk) and other leads who dream of success and who start working in start-ups in the Korean Silicon Valley. The drama tells the story of their ‘START’ and their growth, ‘UP’. 

    It’s a good drama with lots of hilarious moments and premise but with some glaring holes in the script writing. This takes away a core experience when you expect the drama to be much better than presented. However, the cinematography and the storyline is brilliant. The cinematography and storyline is brilliant. Seeing Dal Mi’s passion for pursuing her own business and her being an independent strong female character is amazing.

    Genre: Drama, Romance
    No. of episodes: 16
    IMDb rate: 7.9/10

    3. Itaewon Class

    Poster for Itaewon Class, one of the best kdramas of 2020

    Itaewon Class, another big hit of 2020. This drama stars one of the most talented actors of Korea, Park Seo Joon as the lead, Park Sae Ro-Yi. This drama portrays the life of Sae Ro-Yi as he struggles through the hardships to become a successful business leader. Through his journey, he finds the support of his team and a love interest. 

    Even though this is a romance drama, it is so much more than that. It is about family, friends, revenge, discrimination, diversity, inequality and so much more. The main female lead Kim Dami (Jo Yi-Seo) presents a very bold female character and that must be one of the most iconic parts ever to be played in Korean drama history. This drama all in all, is very inspiring, surely will gear you up to not give up.

    Genre: Drama
    No. of episodes: 16
    IMDb rate: 8.2/10

    4. The King: Eternal Monarch

    Banner image for The King: Eternal Monarch

    Did anyone else start watching Korean dramas because of Lee Min Ho or is it just me? Almost every kdrama fan’s first crush, Lee Min Ho is the main lead of this drama. This was his first drama after he completed his mandatory military service, so this drama was the center of attention when it was announced. The drama revolves around a plot that involves sci-fi, parallel universes and fantasy. 

    If you could predict what was going to happen next in the drama, you might as well have become a scriptwriter. This drama revolves around the monarch of the Kingdom of Corea who discovers a pathway to the parallel world, Republic of Korea. The King goes on an adventure searching for the enemy who is disguised as his doppelganger in the parallel world. This drama received a lot of critics for the confusing storyline however, all in all this drama is very well acted and the cinematography is a masterpiece. It is sure to blow your mind in every way.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Drama, Fantasy
    No. of episodes: 16
    IMDb rate: 8.3/10

    5. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

    Banner for Mystic Pop Up Bar- best kdramas of 2020

    Mystic Pop-Up Bar is a little fantasy show starring Hwang Jung Eum as Weol Ju, Yook Jae Suk as Hang Kang Bae and Won Young Choi as Chief Gwi. It tells the stories that happen at a pocha (outdoor bar) which appears late at night and in strange places. Despite the plot setting and the sad backstory, this drama possesses a more cheerful and lighthearted vibe. This drama is drowned in jokes and a great sense of humour making sure to give you a good laugh. Each episode showed a short clip of a story about realistic life’s struggle and healing; of a battle that no one knows about except yourself.

    Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy, Occult Fiction
    No. of episodes: 12
    IMDb rate: 8/10

    6. Backstreet Rookie

    Best korean dramas of 2020

    Backstreet Rookie is a rom-com drama based on a Webtoon series starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung. This drama comes along with so much laughter and joy. If you are looking for a change from your usual kdrama plotlines, then is something different for you. The story is about how Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung), a 22-year old, dynamic girl who starts working in a small convenience store run by Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook), a handsome yet clumsy 29-year old, and how they fall for each other. This drama portrays a very strong character of Saet Byul who can fight against just anyone. However this drama serves more laughs and action rather than romance.

    Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
    No.of episodes: 16
    IMDb rate: 7.4/10

    7. The Tale of Nine Tailed Fox (Gumiho)

    Banner for Tale of Gumiho - top kdramas of 2020

    The Tale of Gumiho, an action fantasy drama, was also one of the most awaited dramas of 2020. This drama stars Lee Dong Wook as the nine tailed fox (Gumiho), Jo BoAh as NamJiah and Kim Bum as the half brother of Gumiho. Tale of the Nine Tailed Fox definitely has that dark fairytale vibe which blends almost effortlessly with the modern day setting. These kinds of dramas are so popular and are yet, so hard to find in everyday programmes. The character of the main lead actress is so badass, making it one of the main reasons to watch this drama. It is a fun and enticing watch for anyone who loves dark fantasy and drama. This drama absolutely deserves a place at the top of the best kdramas in 2020.

    Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Action, Romance, Horror
    No of episodes: 16
    IMDb rate: 8.1/10

    8. Flower of Evil

    Best k dramas of 2020

    Flower of evil is a thriller and melodrama. It must be one of the most intense dramas ever in the kdrama genre. The performances of all the actors were fabulous, particularly the main lead of course, Lee Joon-gi was stellar in his role as Baek Hee Sung, the husband with a past which he wants to keep hidden. The female lead was played by Moon Chae-won as Cha Ji Won, a detective who suspects that her husband might have been a murderer. Both actors were very astonishing in their respective roles as they both played it with perfection. 

    One of the best dramas in history with fantastic casting, absolutely thrilling storyline, heart wrenching scenes and so much more. Most people tend to skip dramas when the plot gets draggy but It’s just not possible with this one.

    Genre: Melodrama, Thriller
    No. of episodes: 16
    IMDb rate: 8.8/10

    9. Hospital Playlist

    Hospital playlist - top kdramas of 2020

    Hospital Playlist is a heartwarming story about 5 people who became friends in their 1st year of med school, formed a band, who after 10 years, are now working as doctors in the same hospital, still playing as a band in their very little free time. The drama revolves around different cases in the hospital as the doctors and patients try to overcome their medical situations. Working as the best doctors in the hospital, they’re the most kind doctors you will ever meet. This show naturally flows from hilarious scenes to emotional ones so naturally that you find them heartwarming.  At the same time, this show also shows that doctors are just like regular people with day to day problems. You will fall in love with all the characters, the storylines and also with the songs that they play. 

    Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of life, Medical
    No. of episodes: 12
    IMDb rate: 8.7/10

    10. Crash Landing On You

    Best kdramas of 2020

    One of the first kdramas to air this year, Crash Landing On You is also one of the best kdramas of 2020. This drama stars Son Ye Jin who plays the role of Yoon Se Ri, a rich heiress from South Korea. She gets into an accident while paragliding and reaches North Korea. There, she meets a North Korean army Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) who helps her to hide until she can figure out a way to go back home. However, they fall in love and try to meet each other despite Yoon Se Ri returning back to her country. The major themes of this drama is love and redemption but it also narrates how everyone is a human being with similar desires no matter where they’re from. This drama is beautifully shot with scenic backgrounds which compliment the beautiful storyline.

    Genre: Romance, Comedy
    No. of episodes: 16
    IMDb rate: 8.7/10 

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