Tired Of Dealing With Difficult Taxi Drivers? Not Anymore! 3 Cab Services In Kathmandu You Might Not Be Aware Of Yet!

    Taxi stress has become a part of our everyday lives. From finding one that actually agrees to give us a ride to bargaining the price, nothing seems easy when it comes to hiring a taxi. Here are some cab services in Kathmandu you might not be aware of yet! Check our recommendations out and avoid the hassle looking for taxis and bargaining anymore!

    1) Sarathi Cab


    Sarathi Cab is Nepal’s emerging Cab booking service available exclusively 24*7 in the Kathmandu valley. You can very conveniently call them to book yourself a ride anywhere in the city. They report to your doorstep once you give them the location and offer you very smooth rides to your destinations. As of now, they do not have an app but are very efficient with their call center services. Give it a shot and experience a taxi ride like never before!
    Book your ride at | 981-0100600
    Facebook | https://goo.gl/GHyRNd
    Website | https://www.sarathi.cab/                                                                    plus/

    2) Eddy Cab


    Eddy Cab is a taxi service providing agency. This agency connects taxi drivers and passengers allowing them to experience a fast, convenient, secure and safe ride. Your ride is just a click away and you can even call them to book a ride. Download their cab booking app and take advantage of this amazing service in the valley!
    Book your ride at | 014413241 / 014414241.


    3) Onver Smart Taxi


    Onver smart taxi is another cab booking app through which you can very conveniently book yourself a ride to anywhere in the city. Either call them or use their phone app, the service is very smooth and provides cabs as per your requirements. This service is designed for your convenience and mobility in the Kathmandu valley. Don’t miss it! Download the app now!
    Book your ride at | Call 01-4111812
    Website : https://www.onver.com.np/
    Pradip Karki
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