Spotify Finally Launching In Nepal!


    Music lovers rejoice; the world’s number one music streaming platform is finally set to launch in Nepal. Spotify currently announced that it will be expanding to more than 80 new countries across the globe and add 36 new languages to the platform, including Romanian, Hindi and Swahili. This rollout will expand its availability to more than a billion people around the world.

    A lot of Nepali people were already using Spotify but that was after the tedious process of using a VPN each time or downloading a cracked version. Now the music streaming process will be hassle free and quick. The days of relying on piracy to download albums and listening to music solely on YouTube are finally over. While a premium option is available, Spotify also offers free usage which anyone can utilize by making an account.

    Spotify is currently available in 93 countries, bringing the total availability to 178 countries after this launch.

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