Apply For Online Driving License Registration Form | A Step By Step Guide


    The Department of Transportation Management has opened online application for driving license forms since Tuesday, 29 December. Now, applicants can apply for driving license online.

    The license distribution and written and practical tests for a driving license for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers were suspended 10 months ago due to the Covid19 outbreak. But the department is looking forward to conducting online written tests and practical tests in all seven provinces at the same time.

    Here are step-by-step guides on how to

    To apply for driving license online, follow these steps:

    STEP 1: Go to http://onlineedlreg.dotm.gov.np/

    STEP 2: You will be led to the home page for online driving license registration. Click on ONLINE DRIVING LICENSE REGISTRATION

    Nepali driving license application guide

    STEP 3: In the next page, in the “Select Apply For” drop-down, click on “NEWLICENSE”. Make sure that the “Citizenship” menu is set to “Nepal”. Then click “Proceed”

    Nepali driving license application guide

    STEP 4: You will then, finally see the online driving license application form. Fill up the form with your personal data.

    Nepali driving license application guide

    STEP 5: In the bottom of the form, in the exam information, click the vehicle category, click the zone and license issue office.

    Nepali driving license application guide

    STEP 6: Then type in the security text CAPTCHA with the word that you are provided and click “Submit”.

    Note: Due to the large number of traffic visiting the site, the page loading time may be delayed.

    Things to remember when applying for online driving license form in Nepal:

    • You can only apply for online registration from 6 am to 10 pm.
    • The form will be registered only if there is quota available. The quota is only allocated for one week at a time – Sunday to Wednesday.
    • It is mandatory to fill Category and Mobile Number fields and they are non-editable.
    • Re-registration after the expiry of appointment date of Transport Management Office visit will be allowed only after 15 days.
    • In the case of exam failure, re-registration will only be allowed after 90 days.
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