Fun Weekend Activities To Do In Kathmandu That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of


    What is most of our ideal day out with friends or family in Kathmandu? Going out to eat, watching a movie…and that’s it?

    Having a day off and not having anything exciting to do with friends except going out to eat can be frustrating. People of Kathmandu have grown accustomed to the idea that the only way to have fun with friends is by going out to eat or going for a drive. While these activities can absolutely be fun, that is not ALL there is to do in Kathmandu. Getting bored of spending the weekends in the same ways as always? Check out these fun things to do in Kathmandu. 

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    1. The Best Archery

    best archery for a fun weekend in kathmandu

    Have you watched period dramas with archery fights and thought about how cool it looks and how you wanted to try it someday? Well, you can do it too, at The Best Archery. They are an indoor archery arena that lets you shoot targets. They were designed so that archery enthusiasts have a safe place to practice their hobbies. Visit them if archery is something you’ve wanted to try!

    Where │ Jhamsikhel, Kathmandu
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/thebestarchery
    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/the_best_archery/

    2. Jump KTM

    If you’ve ever been slightly jealous of children jumping in bouncing castles then Jump KTM is the place for you. The latest addition to the list of fun activities to do in Kathmandu, this place is a jumping paradise for adults and children alike. Being Nepal’s first trampoline park, this place does not disappoint. There are a lot of things you can do apart from just jumping. They have different sections inside the park where you can engage in activities like free falling, slam dunking and more! They also offer special socks with grips so that people don’t slip and injure themselves while jumping.  

    Where │Mandikatar, Kathmandu 
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/jump.ktm
    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/jump.ktm/

    3. Astrek Wall Climbing

    astrek wall climbing is the perfect way to spend leisure in kathmandu

    Wall climbing enthusiasts, this one’s for you. They have the tallest climbing wall in Nepal at 50 feet, and there are twenty different routes for all experience levels. They also have bouldering walls for people seeking a full-bodied climb. They have a lot of staff and guides in case people need assistance or are beginners. Overall, it’s a great substitution for people who seek adventure but do not have the time or means to pursue them. If you’ve never tried wall climbing but have wanted to you should visit them too!

    Where │Thamel, Kathmandu 
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/Astrek.Climbing
    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/astrekclimbing/

    4. Outdoor Adventure Center Nepal

    outdoor adventure is a fun way to spend weekends in kathmandu

    This is another place to visit if you want a variety of options under one roof, especially on your day out with children. They offer activities such as wall climbing, zip lining, rope climbing and a basketball court where you can play with your friends and even offer team events. They also organize corporate team building events, outdoor leadership programs, wilderness and first aid courses, and more. You can even plan events or birthday parties for kids on the premises. Overall it’s a place worth checking out for fun activities to do in Kathmandu.

    Where │Thamel, Kathmandu 
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/Outdooradventurecenternepal/
    Instagram │ N/A

    5. Paragliding In Kathmandu

    Yes, you can do paragliding in Kathmandu too! When most of us hear about paragliding, our minds immediately go to Pokhara; but did you know there is a paragliding center in Kathmandu as well? Despite being in operation since 2007 most of us have never heard about it. They provide opportunities for solo and tandem flights as well as training sessions for paragliding pilots. Taking flight in Godawari, you can get a cool view of the valley while soaring through the sky. 

    Where │Brahma Kumari Marg, Thamel (office)
    Facebook │https://www.facebook.com/ktmparagliding/
    Instagram │ N/A

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