Amazing Short Trekking/Hiking Destinations Around Kathmandu!

    A day spent trekking through various terrains & wildlife refreshes your soul and recharges your body. Trekking makes you a part of nature, letting you take a break from long hours at work or boring moments on that couch at home. Not only do treks benefit physical abilities enhancing your overall fitness, but it also invites you to the natural world of peace and purity. You’ll end up adding more memorable pictures to your albums as you meet many people with interesting personalities and be able to capture breathtaking sceneries. There are a few trekking or hiking destinations around Kathmandu that don’t require days of traveling but will surely be a walk to remember.

    1. Sundarijal

    Just 15 kilometers northeast of the Kathmandu valley, Sundarijal is the best option for the beginners out there wanting to start their first trek. Sundarijal is a place that describes natural beauty; waterfalls with crystal clear water, trees, and greenery, local lifestyle, water reservoirs, you name it. It is also the gateway to the famous trekking destination Chisapani, so you’ll make many new friends on the way.

    2. Shivapuri

    The second highest hill around the valley, Shivapuri has trekking written all over it. Walking through the conservation area, you’ll be surrounded by dense forest on the way. You start your journey from Budhanilkantha, so you get a chance to observe the famous Budhanilkantha temple as well. Upon further exploring, you might even reach Nagi Gumba, a popular place for hikers.

    3. Namo Buddha

    Trekking doesn’t always have to be all natural. You can enjoy a bit of nature with some bits of village life to your hike to Namo Buddha, a true example of stunning Buddhist monasteries. The journey through such beautiful villages and green jungles leads to the holy monastery. The relaxation and the purity surrounding this place will make your trek worth it. You can observe multiple temples through the journey as well.

    4. Nagarkot

    Want to observe one of the best sunrise and sunset experiences inside the valley? Hike to Nagarkot! It is a very famous tourist spot as well as a popular trekking destination, even among the locals. Walking becomes less tiring because you get to experience the nature that blesses Nagarkot. The spectacular mountain range, greenery, and easy accommodation facilities all add up to make Nagarkot a trekker’s desire.

    5. Pulchowki

    A hike to Pulchowki has an edge among other places as it offers so much. Godawari, the beginning spot for your trek is rich with nature. It is also a botanical garden so you can observe various herbs, flowers, and plants inside this place. The journey presents you with an easy path so trekking won’t become a hassle. The breathtaking mountain range and the scenic view of the valley are mesmerizing.

    6. Champadevi

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    Champadevi is more of an emerging hiking destination in Nepal. Standing at an altitude of 2285 meters, its natural beauty is enough to attract hikers to explore its wilderness and it’s only an hour’s drive from the city. The forest is great to explore and you can take a lot of pictures with your friends amongst the lush green trees. Your journey to the top will be rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view of the hills nearby. 

    7. Nagarjun

    Nagarjun Day Hiking, Jamacho monastery hiking - Nepal Trek Hub

    Only 7 km from Kathmandu, Nagarjun makes for a great hiking destination for people who do not want to go too far. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is divided into two distinct hill islands, Shivapuri to the north and Nagarjun to the west of Kathmandu by a dense urban area. Starting from the Fulbari gate, a 10-minute drive from the area, a two-hour hike to the Nagarjun Peak leads through the thick Raniban forest. The forest is also home to a wide range of flora and fauna which is great for sightseeing.
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