Awesome Places For The Best Ice-cream In Kathmandu You Should Definitely Try!

    Ice-cream. Who doesn’t love the sweet, creamy and cold dessert that just melts in your mouth? For many, this delightful treat can brighten up any bad day. Whether you’re looking to treat your sweet-tooth or going out on a date, here are the best ice-cream places in Kathmandu that you must try!

    1. Funky Delight

    best ice cream in kathmandu
    This is one of the best places you will find in the city if you are looking for an explosion of flavours. It brought the famous Thailand fried ice-cream to Kathmandu. This place offers not just different flavours of ice-cream but also varieties of new creations with ice cream such as ice cream rolls and fried ice cream. This will keep you drooling over and over again!
    Location | City Center, Kamalpokhari
    Contact | 9849955501

    2. Baskin Robbins Ice cream

    baskin robbins ice cream in nepal

    Along with the one mentioned above, another best place for different flavours of ice-cream would be Baskin Robbins. This place offers you a huge variety of ice-cream in different variations, they’re popularly known for their 31 flavours. It is most famous for its colourful ice cream and also the yoghurt is very good here! Must try!
    Location | Durbarmarg, Labim Mall and various other locations
    Contact | 014422230

    3. Vadilal Icecream

    Vadilal is a very popular ice cream brand which offers different types of ice creams and is loved by children and is also abundantly available. This is one of the places you shouldn’t miss if you love trying new flavours of ice cream. The price is very reasonable as well!
    Location | Dhobighat, Kathmandu
    Contact | 01-5529199

    4. Annie’s Ice Cream Café 

    Annies-icecream in Jhamsikhel, Kathmandu

    If you love ice-cream, you must visit Annie’s at least once. Here, you will find many unusual flavours to choose from, and each of them has a unique yet delicious taste. All of their ice-creams are vegetarian and so are the other items on their menu. Besides ice-cream, they also serve smoothies, sundaes, shaved ice-cream and even waffles and sandwiches. Although the place is small, the ambience gives off the vibe of an old-school ice-cream parlour where you go with a group of friends or on a date. Definitely, a must-visit. 

    Where | Jhamsikhel Road, Lalitpur
    Call them | 9802055672
    Facebook | www.facebook.com/AnniesIceCreamCafe/ 
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/anniesicecreamcafe/

    5. Amore Gourmet Gelato 

    amore gourmet gelato, ice cream in kathmandu

    Amore Gourmet Gelato in Labim Mall provides the best gelato in town, no kidding! They have a wide range of flavours and the best thing is that you can try the flavours before ordering it. Gelatos are softer and contain less fat than regular ice-creams. They even have ice-cream cakes, cheesecakes and swiss rolls.  

    Where | Labim Mall 2nd floor
    Call them | 01-5524376
    Facebook | www.facebook.com/amoregelatonepal/ 
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/amoregelato_nepal/

    6. Kwality Ice Cream 

    Yeah, ice-cream is good, but have you ever tried an ice-cream sandwich? They’re ice-cream but it’s placed between a special kind of biscuit. Kwality offers some of the best ice-cream sandwiches you will find in Nepal. All the teeth sensitivity that you’ll get from biting the sandwich will be worth it. Kwality Ice Cream provides ice creams all the way from Dubai. Melon Popsicles, Ice Cream sundaes and cone ice-cream are also popular options to go for at Kwality.  

    Where | Jhamsikhel, opposite to Vivanta Hotel
    Call them | 01-5523567 

    7. Keventers 

    keventers icecrean

    Keventers, no doubt, serves the best milkshakes in town but their ice cream is also to die for. Keventers, creator of the iconic milkshake is India’s first brand which is now a franchise in the global market including Nepal. Their franchises are in Thamel, Durbarmarg and Labim Mall. 

    Where | Durbarmarg, Kathmandu / Labim Mall / Thamel
    Call them | 984-3402636
    Facebook | www.facebook.com/keventersnepal/
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/keventersnepal/

    8. Twisting Scoops 

    twisting scoops nepal

    This ice cream franchise introduces Nepal to the world-famous Turkish ice creams that are stretchy and resistant to melting. They offer very unique flavours, some of which you have never even imagined in an ice cream form! The “twist” to these Turkish ice creams is how the servers stretch out the ice cream before serving it. You even get an authentic performance from them, giving you the full Turkish ice cream experience. 

    Where | Naxal Bhatbhateni
    Facebook | www.facebook.com/twistingscoopsnepal/
    Instagram | www.instagram.com/twistingscoops/

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